Tree limb falls on Diamond Street

A tree lost a limb that feel on a car on the 2500 block of Diamond Street on Aug. 2, 2015. While the car was damaged, no people were injured.

Photo by Joseph Ong.

2500 Block Diamond



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2 responses to “Tree limb falls on Diamond Street

  1. Anonymous

    These type of trees are old and dangerous. We have had a number if failures over the past 3 years around St John School. All these trees should be removed and new appropriate trees planted before someone gets hurt.

  2. Yes, they are certainly the wrong trees that the City planted years ago. However, the fact is that too often they are situated along narrow side walks and have much too little soil surounding them. Another issue is the habit of City workers and or homeowners (sometimes) of strangling the trees trunks and roots with conrete or bricks right up to the trunks. You often tree trunks growing around concrete and bricks. This of couse weakens the trees.
    It’s an issue of trees or concrete everywhere. We can’t always have both. A little common sense would help.

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