Meeting regarding San Jose Avenue road diet

Please join the Glen Park Association for a special meeting focused on the San Jose Avenue road diet Thursday, August 13, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Police Academy, 350 Amber Drive (above Diamond Heights Shopping Center). A traffic planner and engineer from The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) will update us on the pilot project, followed by a 30-minute Q&A.

For an introduction to the project, visit the Northbound San Jose Avenue & I-280 Off-Ramp Road Diet Pilot Project webpage. Please note the SFMTA has also promised to host a wider community meeting on the same topic in the near future, though no date has been set at this time.



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12 responses to “Meeting regarding San Jose Avenue road diet

  1. Peter

    I hope we can convince the city planners this is a useless waste of taxpayer money. Nobody lives on San Jose Ave there and there are barely any bikes on it (and often those that are there are – still- riding on the sidewalk)

  2. noevalleyjim

    People are still speeding on this stretch of San Jose and more needs to be done.

  3. Camp Mather Matters

    Agree with Peter – I barely ever see a bike on that road – and when I do they have their own separated lane and all is well. “Dieting” away a lane is ridiculous – the traffic moves well through that area and onto Guerrero. A “diet” here will lead to severe “anorexia” – anything BUT healthy. Back-ups on 280 and excessive pollution from cars sitting and idling in heavy traffic (bad for the occasional lonely biker).

    NOOOOOOOOOO – the bikes lanes all over town are NOT in use and cause car traffic to make ridiculous lane changes – NOT AGAIN!! This is like having PC traffic controls – but they are not practical and they don’t work!

  4. Jonathan

    I disagree with Noevalleyjim (again:)).

    I may not approve of the recent narrowing of the exit ramp to one lane, but it has definitely cut down on purported speeders, at least during the times when I use it (morning commute mostly). In that respect, it has worked at least.

    Sadly, it is unlikely that this project will be abandoned. Rarely do projects such as these get reversed, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that whatever the change was that was made is doing more harm than good. And I still rarely see any bikes or pedestrians on this stretch to this day.

    The backups at the exit ramp have so far been minor since it was narrowed to one lane. But I continue to express my fear that, when the SF school system resumes around mid-August or so and traffic into and around the City increases (as it always does during these months), this backup will worsen considerably to the point of it becoming a real hazard on 280 itself.

    And don’t forget that the taking away the bus lanes from either side of the Bosworth/Diamond intersection (at the Glen Park BART stop) was also done recently. I also expect some pretty bad backups here now as the buses will have to block the entirety of the right lanes at this intersection (as will vehicles that need to make right turns as they wait for pedestrians to cross) rather than being able to pull out of the traffic lane as was possible previously. So once one gets through the backup at the San Jose Ave. offramp caused by the road diet project, one will have to then have to contend with a nasty backup at this intersection now, too, that previously was not that bad.

    I continue to reserve my final judgment on this whole situation until the schools resume, but I am not optimistic.

    I hope to attend this meeting to voice my concerns, but I’m not sure of my schedule at this time. I hope other commuters can also attend so that all viewpoints on the situation may be heard.


  5. Anonymous

    There are rarely any bikes San Jose Ave and then they already have their own bike lane. Traffic is already backed up at the light where San Jose becomes Guerrero. ,Narrowing of San Jose will only make matters worse. Try turning onto Rouseau from San Jose during rush hour. Another waste of taxpayer money similar to Bosworth and Diamond, which has already made driving worse there.. The city planners have already made up their minds.

    Doug Keller

  6. Jamey

    Unfortunately, there is no longer any accountability by the SFMTA, who is run by car-haters. The Mayor and Supervisors give SFMTA all the money and power they want. Representative government no longer exists for commuters.
    Proposition A gave SFMTA another $500 Million, which is sadly not being used to fund additional transit, subway,or maintenance; it’s being used solely for removal of roadway infrastructure, and artificial hazards (bulb-outs, speed bumps, lane removals) which delay First Responders. But when First Responders have protested, they’ve encountered retaliation by city government, such as the vilification of SFFD Chief Joanne Hayes-White.

    Now that we completed the $1 Billion Doyle Drive, SFMTA plans a road diet on Lombard. Next up: road diets for Van Ness, Geary, Masonic, Embarcadero, and I-280 teardown in Dogpatch and Mission Bay.

    Until we have a change in government, all SFMTA projects are rubber-stamped for approval. The Bike Cartel always gets its way.

  7. Jonathan


    I fear that you are correct. It does surely seem as though commuters’ complaints fall on completely deaf ears, with the SFMTA listening to only one side of the story (that of the Bike Cartel and a minority of vocal community denizens). I wish I could attend the meeting tonight, but alas I cannot as I have family obligations.

    But I suspect it would do no good anyway…as they say, the fix is already in.

    The backup was terrible this morning, extending well beyond the previous exit (Geneva Ave.) as the schools are getting going around the Bay Area in general (just as I predicted and should have been obvious from the start). I also noticed a pretty hefty backup last night in the 2 right lanes as I glanced in my rear view mirror to the northbound stretch of 280 approaching the San Jose Ave. exit (as I was headed home in the opposite direction on 280 South around 5:30ish or so).

    I’m told that the official start date for SFUSD is this Monday (8/17) so I expect it will be even worse starting next week.

    I never even thought about First Responders…they’re going to have a much tougher time now getting along this stretch if they need to during busy hours.

    Where did you hear that other “road diets” (got to love that euphemism) for the other streets you mentioned are planned? I couldn’t find mention of this when I did a search just now, but I certainly would not be surprised if this was the case 😦 .

    And just for the record and if I were able to attend the meeting tonight, I would like an answer to the following question:

    What criteria will be used to gauge the cost/benefit ratio for this change to San Jose Ave exit? And to follow up, if the costs (in terms of increased traffic jams/hazardous backups extending onto 280, increased emissions, etc.) clearly outweigh the benefits (I still see very few bicyclists and almost no pedestrians on this stretch), what will be done to amend the situation?


  8. Morgan Driver

    Jon – I am most familiar with the terrible plans for Masonic Avenue — I think there is a site called SaveMasonic which has the details about removing all parking between Fell and Geary, bike lanes, bulb outs — the usual.

  9. Jonathan

    So did anyone go to this meeting last night? Anything to report?

    So when will SFMTA begin returning the off ramp to 2 lanes as it was originally? Do we have a date on that?

    Hey, I can dream, can’t I? 🙂


  10. Hi Jon,

    I wrote down the questions and the replies and someone is double checking my work. Once we clear it, I’ll post them. Thanks!

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