Glen Park’s Bloomsday Warriors (a meditation)

P1050896Story and photos by Stephen Labovsky

GLEN PARK VILLAGE, June 16.  It’s 6:00pm, and Glen Park Station is jammed packed with fans awaiting the start of Game Six of the NBA Championship.  Meanwhile, a block away, at Bird & Beckett, Bloomsday, the annual, marathon reading of James Joyce’s masterpiece, “Ulysses” is already in progress.

P1050898Travelling between bar and bookstore over the course of the evening, it occurs to me just how much these two events have in common:

P1050901James Joyce’s novel is a modern day parody of Homer’s  “The Odyssey,” concerning the warrior Ulysses and his men, and their decade, long struggle to return home, after the Trojan Wars. So too the Golden State Warriors have for 40 years had to endure many defeats, and vanquish many foes in their quest to arrive at this moment in time.

P1050903The Warriors lead by just 2 points at the half before pulling away in the third quarter, and never look back.

P1050913And so it was that on Bloomsday 2015, their long odyssey would come to an end, and a new myth would be written— Steph Curry and his Warriors would defeated the fearsome Cyclops (aka, King James) and his men, and go on to an epic 105 to 97 win.

P1050923With that a great cheer went up from inside Glen Park Station that can be heard echoing throughout the canyon.

P1050939Victory is ours— the Golden State Warriors have come home!

P1050943 P1050946 P1050953 P1050956

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