Report: Glen Park Association and Business Association meeting with SFMTA about intersection

Members of the GPA and GPMA are continuing to meet with SFMTA in response to concerns about street construction in the neighborhood. Tuesday’s meeting with traffic engineer Damon Curtis and project planner David Greenway gives us this update:

1. In response to community concerns, there will now be a “protected/permissive light” for northbound Diamond. (That means first it’s a green arrow, then it’s a plain green light and you have to yield to oncoming traffic if you’re turning left.) Northbound and southbound Diamond cannot take simultaneous protected lefts because they aren’t lined up well with each other and cars would have to jockey in a weird way. (see note below)

(The existing protected left off Bosworth going south on Diamond will remain.)

2. The light phasing at this intersection was originally 75 seconds. In the first iteration of this plan, the phasing would have gone to 90. Now with the protected left, it will be 110. At some point they’ll likely signalize Arlington and Lyell on Bosworth, so they can’t just lengthen the signal to something totally unusual.

3. NOTE: Damon will check if it’s feasible to switch the protected left on Diamond to be southbound for evening to accommodate rush hour traffic. He’ll also check again to see if simultaneous turning can be achieved.

4. Three parking spots on the west side of Diamond between Kern and Bosworth are being removed because the only other lane on that street is a dedicated left, and you need one lane for folks going straight or turning right.

5. San Jose Avenue
Phase II of the pilot project will start June 2/3. Phase 2 reduces the number of exit lanes off 280. Currently there are 2. Phase 2 will mean one exit off 280, as it existed before the Loma Prieta earthquake. In response to our concerns, SFMTA promised to host a meeting for Bernal Heights, Glen Park and Upper Noe neighbors to update them on the project (ultimate goal of the project is to reduce speeds of cars on San Jose Avenue).


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