Diamond/Bosworth intersection update, March 12, 2015

From Kelley McCoy
Public info officer, SFMTA
Last week, our crew was able to finish the street-side portion of the southeast corner (BART stations) sidewalk.  We did additional sidewalk pouring on Saturday to make up for some lost time last week. The demo work of the sidewalk took longer than expected, which delayed the install of the ADA curb ramps.  Because of the work we finished on Saturday, we were able to pour the ramps this week and will reopen the street-side of the sidewalk.
This week, they will take out the other half of the corner, the BART side, and also do additional work inside the BART Plaza.  The northwest corner is all but done. There’s some additional work that needs to be done before we can call it finished—this is expected to be done this week.  We’re going to start on the median between Diamond and Brompton median this week as well.  The majority of the work will be removing some trees and starting to demo the existing median and re-form it.  Foundation pouring is expected to start next week. If there is an impact to traffic because of the median work (i.e. construction will impede a lane of traffic on either side of the median on Bosworth), I will send a follow-up email and send out an alert from the project page.
We’re expecting to start the other two corners in a couple weeks, provided the current two corners are complete. I’ve been in contact with John Priola and will let him know in advance when we are expecting to remove the plants from the medians.
We’ve ordered the three additional project signs, and they are being produced and printed.
(Click here to see the signs.)

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