Diamond/Bosworth intersection update

From Kelley McCoy, PR for SFMTA:

3/4 UPDATE:  Last week crews began framing the sidewalks and prepping for the foundation pour, which began this week.  The NW corner is formed and poured, and the ADA ramps are expected to be poured next week.  The SE corner is formed, and half of the sidewalk is being poured this week.  Crews are expected to begin removing the other half of the sidewalk next week.  We’re also expecting to start on the Diamond and Brompton median next week, removing some trees and pouring the new foundation.  Once the work on the NW and SE corners are completed, crews will move to the NE and SW corners (expected mid-March).  There were some delays this week involving the ADA ramps and the bus shelters, and we’re going to work on this Saturday to catch up.  This has been vetted with Michael Rice of  the GPA and Ric Lopez of the GPMA, and we mentioned that they would be consulted on future Saturday construction as well if that were to happen.

We are getting closer to the median and landscaping work, most of which will happen once we have completed the four intersection corners. We’ve been working with a landscape architect from DPW on this.  Tree and plant options were brought to the residents at the GPA meetings, and we took their preferences to heart.  Moving forward, we will be working with DPW on the median plant excavation.  A resident who as planted his own plants in the median will also be brought it during the plant removal process.
No further incidents involving the commuter shuttles have been reported.  The second southbound Bosworth lane reopened last week and should provide better movement for the shuttles and ease traffic through the intersection.  We’re also still working on getting the additional signs posted. There’s currently one sign out there now on the NW corner.  We have posted it up so it’s more noticeable.  We’re currently getting more boards out there—these are more visual and include renderings of the completed sidewalks and examples of the streetscape amenities that will be installed.  In total, there will be four boards posted at the intersection, one pair on the NW corner and the other on the SE corner.  A draft of the picture board is attached.  Creating the board is expected to take 1-2 weeks.
I will provide next week’s update after our progress meeting on March 11.
Kelley McCoy
Public Relations Officer
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
1 South Van Ness Avenue, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103


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2 responses to “Diamond/Bosworth intersection update

  1. Hello,

    Just a question about this corner extension work because they’ve been working on the streets, corners, etc. for so long I can’t remember the overall plan. Does the update below indicate, as I think it does, that once the two corners they’re working on now are done workers plan to redo the corners in front of the former Citibank & the one in front of the corner market too?

    I suppose, in the long run, all this will be beneficial, but the traffic nightmares, ongoing since Sept., are getting really OLD. We live on Bosworth at Chilton & getting into/out of Chilton is a nightmare when gridlock traffic blocks access to that intersection. Don’t even get me started on the other traffic mess when trying to get down Bosworth from the light at Elk St. The bright side is that we don’t need to get onto the 280 freeway entrance behind BART very often!

    That said, thanks for all your updates about the neighborhood. We appreciate them.

    Dennis Blanchard


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