Glen Park Association meeting Jan. 14, 2015

Meeting Date, Time: January 14th at 7:00 PM

Location: in the St. John School gymnasium at 925 Chenery Street.

There is parking off Chenery Street behind the school.

PLEASE NOTE! Officers of the GPA for 2015 will be elected at this meeting.
Only those members who are paid for 2015 will be eligible to vote. Persons
who were paid for 2014 may pay at the sign-in point.  One may also renew by
using PayPal at
<>  . If you wish to mail a check, it
can be sent to the Glen Park Association at Box 31292, San Francisco, CA
94131-0292, however it may well arrive too late for this meeting.

Memberships are $10 per household (one vote) or $10 per voting member for
those households wishing to have more than one voting member.

Should you wish to nominate a candidate (including yourself) for any elected
office, a form is provided below. The current office holders have agreed to
run again, but nominations are welcome.

**Important!  Please take time to scroll down and review the Greenway
information below. It contains a link for more in depth information

Meeting Agenda

1. Officer elections
2. Supervisor Wiener will give an update on 2nd unit legislation,  and
Capt. Mc Fadden of the SFPD will give an update on public safety, etc.
3. The Greenway Concept Plan funding and process will be presented. The
membership will vote on a $5,000 GPA contribution.
4. The Dpt. of Rec and Parks will update the Rec Center building
renovation progress.
5. Adjournment

Nomination Form


Vice President:

Recording Secretary:

Membership Secretary:



Planning the Glen Park Greenway

*         The Glen Park Greenway is a route parallel to Bosworth Street
between Brompton Street and Burnside Street. The corridor is primarily owned
by the San Francisco Department of Public Works (DPW) and the San Francisco
Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). The paths and landscaping are not
maintained, and neither SFPUC nor DPW have funding for planning Greenway

*         A Greenway Plan will help realize a long-standing goal to improve
the open space path. The Glen Park Community Plan, adopted 2012, includes
the objective to “sustain and improve the informal greenway and pedestrian
path connecting downtown Glen Park and Glen Canyon Park.”

*         In late 2014, the Glen Park Association board of directors
submitted a proposal to The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund, for a grant to
support Greenway planning, with a public process to achieve consensus on a
Greenway Plan ready for detailed design and development. In December, The
Schapiro Fund approved this request.

*         This planning phase has a budget of $60,000, with the Schapiro
Fund providing $40,000. Supervisor Scott Wiener has committed $10,000 of
District Funds; we identified other funding of $5,000; and the GPA would
provide a  $5,000 contribution to the budget for the planning phase. At the
January 2015 GPA quarterly meeting, the membership will vote on a resolution
to confirm the $5,000 GPA grant.

*         What are the goals of the Greenway Concept Plan? An improved
Greenway would:

* Improve safe access to a pedestrian route that connects Glen Park
village and the BART station to Glen Canyon Park and its trail system up to
Twin Peaks;
* Provide recreational features or public art within the Greenway;
* Enhance watershed management in support of SFPUC needs and goals;

*         How will we develop the plan? GPA will work with neighbors, City
agencies, and other interested parties to develop an initial concept design
for the Greenway. In early 2015, we will begin a work plan with extensive
community outreach, at least three public meetings, to draft conceptual
plans for the Greenway. The budget includes services from Surfacedesign,
Inc., to lead the landscape design task for the Greenway.

* What will be the outcome of the Greenway Plan process? We have no
preconceptions as to the specific details of the plan. However, a positive
outcome will include: A Greenway concept plan and timeline described in
text, maps and graphics;
* Community and City agency consensus on the Greenway concept plan;
* Identification of additional funding required to complete a detailed
design, further public review and approvals, and construction.

*         The full Greenway Plan proposal is posted on the GPA website, at


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