Bosworth/Diamond intersection update

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Dear Glen Park Improvements neighbors and stakeholders:
Thank you for you continued interest in the Glen Park Streetscapes Improvements!  It’s been quite a while since this project first got off the ground.  We initially consulted with Glen Park neighbors in 2013 to design the new elements of the intersection, which included adding more trees, planters, new benches and better sidewalks for transit riders and pedestrians.  We’re extending the sidewalks at the bus stops and at crosswalk corners to provide safer boarding areas for Muni riders and safer walking areas for pedestrians visiting downtown Glen Park.  A rendering of the completed intersection can be found here.
In October, we awarded the construction contract for this project, and construction will begin on Friday, December 5.  Future construction updates and changes will be posted on the project website, but here is an overview of what will be happening at the intersection:
  • Crews will begin construction on the south side of Bosworth and Diamond at the Glen Park Market and Glen Park Bart Station corners.  They will be working on sewer and lighting improvements, installing extended sidewalks for the bus stop areas, repaving the sidewalks, and installing new planters, seating and shelters.
  • In February, construction will start on the Citibank corner and the Bosworth Street medians between Diamond and Lippard.  Trees will be added to the medians.  The Citibank corner will get sidewalk extension at the bus stop areas and a new bench and planter.
  • Crews will finish with the Bosworth median between Diamond and the 280 onramp and the final intersection corner, extending the crosswalk corner and installing the new Glen Park neighborhood sign.
The 23 and 52 Muni bus routes are being rerouted around the intersection.  Signs have been posted at the affected bus shelters.  Buses are rerouting via Wilder and Arlington and then resuming their normal routes.  A temporary stop for these two routes will be on the northwest and northeast corners of Bosworth and Arlington streets, and signs have been posted there.
The map shown below illustrates the temporary routes, where the temporary 52 and 23 stops are located and the sidewalk areas where construction will begin.
Glen Park transit impacts map
The 36 and 44 Muni bus stops on Diamond and Bosworth will be temporarily relocated while crews are working at the intersection beginning December 8.  Crews will be working throughout the week and drivers should expect slow traffic through the intersection.  There will be no construction on Sundays.
If there are any changes to this project, they will be posted on the project website.  Construction is expected to finish by April 2015.
I am available to answer any questions about this project and address concerns you may have about the construction.  Thanks once again for your understanding and patience while we improve the Muni system.

Kelley McCoy

Public Relations Officer, SFMTA
(415) 701.5428

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