Glen Canyon trails improvement project update

Dear Glen Canyon TRAILS Improvement Project neighbors and stakeholders,


I am overdue to make an update to our project page- glen-canyon-urban-trails- project/- but you will see similar updates reflected there by the first week of December, with some photos to go with them.


Here is a snapshot of construction progress on Glen Canyon TRAILS:


1-  In November, the Rec and Park Commission approved a change order to the contract which will allow us to work with our TRAILS contractor to replace the stairway that enters the Canyon from Elk Street at Sussex: I am working with Karen Mauney-Brodek to fund this project and work out the construction details with the contractor. Thanks to all of you who wrote letters and e-mails to support these improvements (I have added you all to my notifications list- by BCC only- so others don’t see your contact info; if you would prefer not to receive these roughly monthly updates, please let me know).

2-  Work on new retaining walls on the Islais Creek Trail between Bosworth and Silver Tree, just south of Silver Tree, has taken longer than we anticipated. This is due to some unforeseen conditions in that area and the need to work with our contractor, landscape architects and consulting engineers to do additional work to make sure that the retaining walls are successful.  After these retaining walls are completed, we will be extending a trail north alongside the creek, just east of Silver Tree, and we will be sure to give Glen Ridge staff plenty of notice on this so they can advise parents and families.  We will also be working with the contractor to complete the section of trail from the retaining walls south to Bosworth.  This trail requires more attention as it was designed to be ADA accessible, which means that it has to meet certain running and cross slope maximums.

3-  You may notice a recent reroute of the Islais Creek Trail where it meets the Radish Hill trail: this was intentional.  Once the contractor was on board, we realized that we could meet our maximum trail grade goal without adding steps in this area if we rerouted the trail.  The recent decommissioning of the old trail was completed by the contractor, and in the coming months we will be making some other small improvements to the connection between the (new top of the) Islais Creek Trail and the Radish Hill trail to minimize erosion.

4-  The contractor’s efforts were redirected late in the summer in order to complete work in the creek zone in Glen Canyon to comply with seasonal permitting requirements.  A handful of neighbors have expressed concern about what seems like—and are— a few areas on the east slope of the Canyon where improvements are incomplete.  I have expressed this neighborhood concern to the contractor and they will be returning in the coming weeks to finish off the work.

Please let me know if you have any questions and have a lovely Thanksgiving!





Melinda Stockmann

Project Manager, Trails Improvement Program

Community Gardens Program Manager


San Francisco Recreation & Park Department  | Capital Improvement Division

City & County of San Francisco  | 30 Van Ness Avenue, 5th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94102



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