Chenery Park restaurant closes

Chenery Park

Chenery Park restaurant has closed, we’re told by Ric Lopez of the Glen Park Merchants Association.

The restaurant was launched in the fall of 2000 by John Bedard and Joseph Kola.

It was known for its welcoming atmosphere and contemporary American cuisine.

Tuesday night was Kid’s Club, when children were especially welcome. It was even written up in the New York Times.

Every Halloween the restaurant was decorated within an inch of its life, with “Joey” Kola dressing up in costume to the delight of diners.

Long a Glen Park favorite, it was named  the City’s “Best Neighborhood Restaurant” for 2006 by  SF Weekly.


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One response to “Chenery Park restaurant closes

  1. Dawn Murayama

    I am sorry to see Chenery Park go down. In the past we went on several occasions, we took many friends over the years and we had wonderful food and atmosphere.
    We were given a gift certificate a few months back. The menu and food had changed drastically. We were hoping they would improve ,so we could enjoy meals there once again.

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