Giants win the World Series, Glen Park goes wild

IMG_0115As the seventh game of the World Series ended with a win by the Giants Wednesday night, San Francisco erupted in a roar of honking horns and the dull thud of firecrackers echoing between the hills.

Just as they had in 2012 and 2010, Glen Park neighbors flooded into the streets. They congregated in front of the Glen Park Station bar, where patrons inside were chanted “Let’s go, Giants.”

Michael Waldstein, 70, was out celebrating and shooting the occasional photos. “How could somebody built like a tree trunk move so fast?” he asked of Giants’ infielder Pablo Sandoval..

Just up the street, on the corner of Chenery and Diamond, a contingent of families with children gathered in front of Glen Park Cleaners. They banged on pots, shouted, danced, jumped up and down and, in one instance, banged on a drum.

“We’re all in the same mom’s group,” said Catherine Hazelton, 39. “Our kids were all born in 2010 and since that, the Giants have won three World Series. Clearly, they’re a good luck charm,” she said as cars drove by honking.

The group joined a throng of about 40 neighbors coming from houses and the Glen Park Station bar. They carried pots to bang on, whistles and, in one case, a drum.

“My daughter Eve calls this ‘honking,’” said Katie Ripley. “When they won again, she said ‘Let’s go honking again, Mama.’”


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