Glen Park Crime Report, Sept. 20 – 30, 2014

Saturday, September 20th, 2014
5:35pm 100 Blk Laidley Theft from Vehicle

Sunday, September 21st, 2014
10:28am Unit Blk Sussex Dog Bite

Monday, September 22nd, 2014
Nothing to report from Glen Park.

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014
1:00pm Unit Blk Chenery Burglary

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014
7:55pm Kern/Brompton Auto Boost

Thursday, September 25th, 2014
Nothing to report from Glen Park.

Friday, September 26th, 2014
10:28pm Surrey/Castro Hit and Run

Saturday, September 27th, 2014
11:54am 100 Blk Baden Battery

Sunday, September 28th, 2014
Nothing to report from Glen Park.

Monday, September 29th, 2014
2:15pm Mangels/Burnside Traffic Collision

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

9:36am 1200 Blk Alemany Attempted Robbery
A series of robberies took place within a span of thirty minutes
taking place around the 1200 block of Alemany Boulevard and
surrounding areas. This incident took place as the victim left home
and began walking to the Glen Park BART Station. When he got to the
1200 block of Alemany he felt someone pull on his backpack that he had
slung over his back. The victim told Officer Chang that he immediately
spun around and saw two unknown suspects behind him, one of whom was
still yanking on the backpack. The suspects then said, “Give us your
stuff”. The victim reacted and began yelling out loud trying to
attract some attention. The suspects were startled and released their
hold of the backpack and ran away east on Alemany Blvd before
disappearing northbound on Lyell Street. The victim said he was not
injured and nothing was stolen from him. While this robbery was being
investigated, two more robberies took place in the immediate areas.
Report Number: 140823566

10:10am Arlington/Wilder Robbery
A “911” call was received through dispatch regarding a robbery
involving two suspects form an earlier incident, see above. Officer
Chang met with this victim who said she walking towards Glen Park BART
Station when she was confronted by two suspects at Arlington and
Wilder Street. One of the two suspects pulled out a small black
revolver and pointed it at the victim and said, “Give me your phone”.
The victim had been listening to her Ipod at the time and immediately
retrieved it from her pocket and handed it over. Not satisfied, the
same suspect then said, “Give me your stuff. Give me your bag”. The
victim was hesitant and began to stall. While rummaging through her
bag she looked down the barrel of the gun and noticed it had a bright
red coloring inside the barrel of the gun. She immediately believed
the gun was fake saw an opportunity to flee. The victim ran from her
assailants and ran towards the safety of Caynon Market and called the
police. The suspects ran from the area and the victim was not injured.
Report Number: 140823895

10:16am Lippard/Bosworth Robbery
Not content with what they already had, the two suspects from the
previous two robberies proceeded to rob a third victim. The third
victim told Officers Tsang and Bernard that she was walking along a
dirt path, which runs parallel to Bosworth Street, making her way to
her parked car, when she was approached from behind by the same two
suspects. One of the two suspects threatened her with a handgun and
said, “Give me your money. I have a gun. I’m going to kill you”.
Fearing for her life, the victim quickly reached in her purse and
handed the suspects $16.00 dollars. The suspects then asked, “What
else do you have in the bag”. The victim then told the suspects to
just take the money. The suspect fled the scene. Soon after, Officer
Morrow and Anderson located the two suspects who matched the
description at Bosworth and Milton Street. Officer Hart searched the
area and located a small cap gun in a trash can nearby. Both suspects
were taken to Ingleside Station and booked on various charges from all
three robberies. Report number: 140823657

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

9:00am Unit Blk Oshaughnessy Theft
A victim riding the MUNI bus was a victim of a theft. She told
Officers Aslam and Anderson that she was on riding the bus, Line 44,
to San Francisco State University. She said she boarded the bus and
sat near the back of the bus and was playing with her new Iphone 6
that she had just purchased the night before. The bus then stopped at
Oshaughnessy and Portola Drive when suddenly an unknown suspect
grabbed her phone out of her hands and ran off the bus. The incident
happened so fast that the victim did not have time to react. Report
Number: 140823516

10:37pm Circular/Congo Robbery
A savage attack on a helpless victim occurred at Circular and Congo
Street. Officers Hackard and Williams arrived to find the victim
bleeding from a laceration above her left eye along with several
abrasions to her hands and knees. The victim said she was walking
along approaching the intersection of Circular and Congo when she was
approached from behind. She stated that out of nowhere, an unknown
suspect appeared and struck her with a heavy object. As the victim
fell, the suspect grabbed her purse and fled northbound on Congo
Street. The victim said the attack happened so fast that she was
unable to get a good description of the suspect. The victim was
transported to UCSF for treatment. Report Number: 140829166

7:00pm Mangels/Baden Vandalism to Vehicle

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014
3:00pm Unit Blk Lyell Fraud
4:00pm 100 Blk Arbor Vandalism to Vehicle

*****Ingleside Criminal Nonsense of the Week*****

Sunday, September 21st, 2014
9:50am 1800 Blk Sunnydale Drugs/Stolen Vehicle
Ingleside officers Jackson and Archilla, while on foot patrol, spotted
a silver Kia, with Nevada license plates, parked on the grass in front
of a home. The car had three flat tires and the back window was broken
out. A check of the license plate revealed the vehicle was reported
stolen. The officers knocked on the door of the home where the vehicle
was parked and a woman answered saying it belonged to a friend of
hers. A short time later the friend, a man staying at the residence,
appeared and refused to confirm the vehicle was his. However, the
officers recognized the man as a suspect with an outstanding arrest
warrant for narcotics violations. As the officers got closer to the
suspect, he suddenly bolted inside the home where, after a short
struggle, he was placed in custody. A search of his clothing turned up
several gift cards along with credit cards belonging to other people.
Around the suspect’s neck was a black pouch containing
methamphetamine. He was transported to Ingleside Station and booked
for auto theft and possession of narcotics. Report number: 140795636


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