Glen Park Neighborhood History Project – Oct. 22

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
6:15pm to 7:45 pm
Glen Park Branch of the SF Public Library
Second floor meeting room
(Announcement attached)

1. Call for pictures and stories of House-Moving History in Glen Park, Sunnyside, and Diamond Heights!
We’ve been contacted by author Diane Donovan who is currently preparing a publication about the history of moving houses in San Francisco. Like the book, “San Francisco’s Glen Park and Diamond Heights” by Emma Bland Smith and published by Arcadia Publishing, Ms. Donovan’s book will also be an Arcadia publication that will use primarily photographs. However, the Glen Park Neighborhood History Project would also like to start identifying those homes in our neighborhoods that have a history of being constructed in one location, then later moved to a different street address. When houses moved in our neighborhoods, it was likely because of the widening of either San Jose Avenue or Bosworth due to the Freeway Revolt in the 1950s. We will have a separate meeting in early December which Ms. Donovan will attend, date to be announced. If you have a house that is now located in Glen Park, Sunnyside, or Diamond Heights that was moved to the current location at some point in the past and would like to share your pictures and stories, please contact

2. Follow-Up, Glen Park Neighborhood Newspapers Digitizing Project
This project is nearly complete! We’ll have an update at our 10/22 meeting.

3. Marker for California State Historic Site No. 1002 in Glen Canyon
We will kick-off planning for this very important project. We hope to coordinate placement with the current work SF Park and Rec is doing with the refurbishing of the Glen Park Recreation Center. More details on 10/22.

4. Formalizing the Organization of the Glen Park Neighborhood History Project
As we move forward with plans and projects, it’s important to have an organizational structure in place. If you’re interested in playing a role in the organization, such as Treasurer, Secretary, or Events Planning, please let me know at

Thanks for your support! See you on 10/22.

Warm regards,

Evelyn Rose
Organizer, Glen Park Neighborhood History Project

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  1. Kerry Bostrom

    This History Project is exciting. Our house was moved from one location to Van Buren Street in the 1950’s. We learned this when we purchased the house in 1990. I would love to know where it came from.

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