Glen Canyon tennis courts back to dirt again


By Murray Schneider

While an official ribbon cutting ceremony was held in mid-March 2014 to commemorate the long-awaiting opening of the Glen Park Recreation Playground, its two tennis courts remained in play only for six months before all matches were called off by the Recreation and Park Department. Apprised of the faulty-graded slope on both courts, which didn’t annoy neighborhood tennis players but troubled the United States Tennis Association, Rec and Park, in collaboration with the City’s Department of Public Works, began demolition of the two court early this month. Work will continue until the project is completed in the winter of next year.



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4 responses to “Glen Canyon tennis courts back to dirt again

  1. Anonymous

    Pardon me, but who said this gross negligence didn’t annoy local tennis players? I am a local who was flabbergasted that Rec and Park would spend taxpayer dollars and build courts that were not “regulation”. Would they build in a non regulation baseball field? basketball court? I just wonder who is going to pay for their folly…ha-ha-ha.

  2. Could someone explain exactly what was wrong with the courts and exactly what can be done at this point to correct the problem?

    Who will pay? That’s easy. The taxpayers will pay, as usual. Surely that was just a rhetorical question.

  3. Carolyn

    I’m still trying to understand what was wrong with the old, old tennis courts? I wonder if they were up to USTA’s standards. What’s most troubling to me is that the Parks Dept spokesperson who announced this closure in a blast email directed everyone to use the Elk St. stairs as a means of egress while the work is being done. These stairs are in a state of disrepair, each step is a different height/depth, they are unlit so in wintertime a flashlight is needed. They are dangerous – I should know – I fell going up them and broke my arm. There are beautiful staircases being built all over the park, the stairs that led to the now destroyed tennis courts were nicely lit, and I was told by the Parks Dept there is no money or plan to fix the Elk Street stairs!!!!!

  4. GregM

    Does “in the winter of next year” mean January, February, March 2015 or December 2015?

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