“New” Chinese restaurant closing


By Gail Bensinger

China House, the Diamond Street restaurant that opened on Valentine’s Day, is closing its doors after dinner tonight (July 31). Owner Jerry Luo said another Chinese restaurant had bought his business and will open “shortly.” He declined to give other details.

Luo, who still owns another China House restaurant in Half Moon Bay, had moved into the space previously occupied by Hong Sing, whose owners retired in November 2013. The previous restaurant had featured a window steam table with extensive carry-out options, but Luo redecorated the space into a sit-down restaurant open for both lunch and dinner.

He said that a combination of not enough business, high rent and problems with staffing the kitchen were the reasons for the closure. Luo says he plans to take a break and then decide what to do next. “Maybe I’ll open another restaurant,” he said.



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3 responses to ““New” Chinese restaurant closing

  1. Elizabeth Weise

    Done. Fixed the byline too, it was off kilter.

  2. Barry Leonard

    Did you mean: after dinner tonight (July 31)?

  3. Elizabeth Weise

    Yes. Just fixed. Thanks.

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