Glen Park Crime Report May 11 to June 14, 2014.

The following are Glen Park crimes from the Ingleside Station Newsletter, May 10 – June 16


Missing date = Nothing in the report from Glen Park.


May 11, 2014

5:00pm, Diamond/Bosworth, Hit and Run

9:00pm, 1100 Blk Bosworth, Stolen Vehicle


May 13, 2014

8:46am, Diamond/Bosworth, Theft

A victim came to Ingleside Station at 9:00pm and told Police Service Aide Busalacchi that earlier in the morning she boarded the 44 O’Shaughnessy MUNI line at Mission and Silver Avenue and sat near the rear exit doors. As the bus continued on its route the victim said she proceeded to play on her Iphone 5. When the bus pulled into the bus stop at Diamond and Bosworth, a suspect who was on the bus grabbed her phone out of her hands and quickly exited the bus. The victim said that the incident happened so fast that she was in shock and unsure of what to do. The victim decided to go home and contacted MUNI, who in turn advised her to make a police report. The victim told PSA Busalacchi that her phone could not be tracked because she did not have a tracking application on her phone. Report Number: 140402217


May 14, 2014

10:00am, Bosworth/Elk, Robbery

A woman on her way to work was the victim of a robbery on board a MUNI bus. The victim told Officers Nelson and Fung that she boarded the bus and took a seat near the rear exit doors. When the bus stopped at Bosworth and Elk, an unknown suspect grabbed her phone and ran off the bus. The victim said she tried to hold onto her phone, but couldn’t and during the process she injured her hands. Other passengers who witnessed the incident told the officers that the suspect was watching her during the bus ride. Medics were summoned to treat the victim’s injury to her hand.


May 15, 2014

5:49pm, 200 Blk Joost,  Recovered Vehicle


May 17, 2014

11:57am, 600 Blk Arlington , Recovered Vehicle


May 19, 2014

11:44am, Unit Blk Mizpah, Theft


May 20, 2014

6:00pm, 2500 Blk Diamond,  Burglary


May 23, 2014

12:15pm,  Unit Blk 30th, Battery


May 26, 2014

1:00pm, 300 Blk Joost, Stolen Vehicle


May 27, 2014

7:30pm, 100 Blk 30th, Recovered Vehicle

7:35pm, 400 Blk Benton, Recovered Vehicle

8:10pm, Goettingen/Ordway, Hit and  Run

9:45pm, 200 Blk Niagara, Warrant Arrest

10:00pm, 1000 Blk Goettingen, Vandalism to Property

10:00pm, 300 Blk Elsie, Stolen Vehicle

11:00pm, 200 Blk Laidley, Stolen Vehicle


May 28, 12014

1:33pm, 2400 Blk Diamond, Recovered Vehicle

7:02pm, 200 Blk Laidley, Recovered Vehicle


May 29, 2014

11:30pm, 900 Blk Chenery, Stolen Vehicle


May 30, 2014

11:23am, 5300 Blk Diamond Hts, Recovered Van


8:15pm, 200 Block Mateo, Possession of Stolen Property

A homeowner looked out his living room window and was startled by the sight of a unknown man sitting in the front seat of the homeowner’s car parked in his driveway. When the homeowner yelled, “Hey Burglar”, the man in the car looked up, picked up a blue Igloo cooler, got out of the car, and ran away with the homeowner in pursuit. The chase went down Mateo to Arlington where the homeowner lost sight of the suspect. Ingleside Officers Lustenberger and Chew were dispatched to the crime scene and immediately began searching the area for the suspect. They found him a short distance away walking on a footpath near San Jose Avenue. In his possession was the Igloo cooler and in the cooler were items taken from the homeowner’s car. He was brought back to the scene of the crime and the homeowner positively identified the suspect. He was taken to Ingleside Station and booked for theft and possession of stolen property. He also had an outstanding San Francisco warrant for his arrest. Report number: 140452466


May 31, 2014

11:45am,  Bosworth/Elk, Traffic Collision


June 3, 2014

1:30am, 5400 Blk Diamond Hts, Stolen Vehicle


June 6, 2014

6:30pm, 5200 Blk Diamond Hts, Stolen Vehicle


3:45pm, Unit Blk Chenery, Hot Prowl Burglary

A woman, after opening the front window of her apartment “about an inch”, went back to her kitchen. She told Ingleside Officers Chew and Lustenberger that a short time later she heard someone opening the window and turned around and saw an unknown man standing in her living room. The victim yelled at the man, “What are you doing?” He replied, “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought I was at my friend’s house”. The victim told the suspect to “get out” and he left through the window. She told officers Chew and Lustenberger that she watched as the man ran away southbound on Chenery.  The victim was not injured and believes she could identify the man.  The officers searched the area for the suspect to no avail.  Report number: 140472191


June 12, 2014

11:00am, Wilder/Diamond, Recovered Vehicle


June 13, 2014

3:00am, Monterey/Circular, Traffic Collision

12:40pm, 200 Blk Chenery, Burglary


June 14, 2014

7:59am, Bosworth/Chilton, Warrant

A driver floating through a stop sign caught the attention of Ingleside Officers Muro and Naser. The officers stopped the driver who said, “he didn’t see the stop sign.” He also didn’t have a valid driver’s license, admitting to the officers that his license was suspended. A computer check revealed two active warrants for his arrest from Alameda County and Santa Clarita. He was taken to Ingleside Station and booked for the warrants and the traffic violations. Report number: 140492973

6:35pm,  San Jose/Randall , Traffic Collision



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