San Jose Avenue Lane Changes Pilot Project – work on June 2-6

Dear San Jose Avenue / I-280 Pilot Project Neighbors,

Thank you for your interest and involvement in the SFMTA’s San Jose Avenue and I-280 Pilot Project.  Construction is scheduled to start on the restriping of northbound San Jose Avenue from the I-280 off-ramp to Randall St beginning Monday, June 2. During construction several roadways entering the project area will be need to be closed to ensure the project is done in a safe manner for both motorists and our paint shop crew.

The following streets will be closed from 9am to 3pm on Monday, June 2 through Friday, June 6:

·         Northbound I-280 San Jose Avenue Off-ramp

·         Northbound San Jose Avenue at Tingley Street

·         Northbound Monterey Boulevard ramp to San Jose Avenue

Electronic message signs will be placed on the street this weekend to notify drivers of the detour and Caltrans will be utilizing their overhead freeway message signs.

Bicycle access will be maintained during the closure.

The proposed new roadway configuration at the “triple merge point” will include a lane reduction, and the existing bicycle lane on the Monterey Boulevard overpass and San Jose Avenue to Randall St will be further enhanced through widening and the addition of physical separation. Collectively, these improvements are intended to:

·         Increase safety for bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists along the corridor

·         Reduce traffic speeds on northbound San Jose Avenue

·         Reduce cut-through traffic from northbound I-280

The SFMTA is looking forward to implementing this pilot project to calm traffic and improve bicycle access through the area.  Thank you again for your participation and please contact me if you have any questions.

Have a good weekend,

Michael Riebe PE

Associate Engineer

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P: 415.701.2467




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3 responses to “San Jose Avenue Lane Changes Pilot Project – work on June 2-6

  1. Rlrcoaster

    I didn’t know who else to contact at the MTA, but please pass along my deepest concerns.

    The new surprise configuration of the San Jose Ave. offramp from SB I-280 is absolutely deadly. When exiting the tunnel, there is a rapid dogleg to the left, and I nearly smashed into the plastic barriers. The driver in the other lane was not expecting the dog leg and nearly sideswiped me. The tiny little “slowdown” signs are completely ineffective.

    My husband sat through SIX light cycles at Randall and San Jose. That’s tons of smog filling the lungs of residents and cyclists. How is that better?

    I can’t believe that bicyclists would be put at such risk to merge with freeway traffic. The changes are very startling to motorists, and potentially deadly for bicyclists. Despite the speed limit, I saw cars traveling well over 50 mph on San Jose Ave. while bicyclists ride < 10 mph in what was once the right lane.

    Additionally, the left offramp lane now suddenly merges with San Jose Ave. on what is nearly a blind merge, at the exit of the tunnel, similar to what reminds me of the very dangerous and archaic Pasadena freeway in LA.

    If we want to have bike lanes, we need to do it right, and have them completely separated from traffic. Instead of removing traffic lanes, and startling and infuriating the public, I would simply have created a wider sidewalk for bicyclists to use and made it a bike lane, since pedestrians never ever use that. High-speed freeways and bike lanes don't mix.

    I am absolutely shocked that city planners would create this deadly configuration. It's only a matter of time before someone is killed or in an accident. This is exactly what happened on Folsom street when the right lane was removed, and bicyclists began to ride in both directions against traffic.

    The city is opening themselves up to huge lawsuits over wrongful death. But more importantly, we're actually endangering those we wish to protect, by providing a false, ineffective sense of security.

  2. David

    Absolutely RIDICULOUS change. Now with more people than ever coming into the NOE/CASTRO/BERNAL/MISSION corridor, working to the south, they’ve reduced the lanes. STUPID. Now you have to sit through several light changes. I see they’re having construction on that corridor for 6 months…what now…a dedicated google bus lane.

  3. Jonathan

    Just got an email from SFMTA…they now plan to narrow this stretch of road to 1 lane. Yep, you read that right…just 1 lane now! This will be a DISASTER for the commute.

    Make your feelings known about this ASAP:

    Damon Curtis

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