Another owl found dead in the area

dead owl

Dear Neighbors,

We have found another dead owl, this time a barn owl, and we want to find out if the cause of death was rodenticide poisons again, as it was for the last owl found dead in our area. We have taken the owl to WildCare for coordination of a necropsy and toxicology report. They do not have funding to test animals brought in dead by the public and the fees must be paid for by the interested parties. The cost is anticipated to be around $300. Your assistance to help defray the cost would be appreciated.
Anyone willing to contribute can do so by mail, online or phone, please reference “Barn Owl Patient #1754″. Via phone, please contact WildCare’s Stewardship Manager, Jan Armstrong, 415-453-1000, ext. 13, online,, or you may send a check directly to WildCare, 76 Albert Park Lane, San Rafael, 94901.
You may read about WildCare’s Rodenticide Diagnostics & Advocacy Program on their website. If you have additional questions about rodenticides, you may contact Wildlife Solutions Manager, Kelle Kacmarcik who is coordinating this effort. You may reach her at 415-456-7283, ext. 23. Thank you.
Janet Kessler

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One response to “Another owl found dead in the area

  1. Ted E.

    That’s a tough picture to see but it’s the reality of the unintended consequences when people use lethal Rodenticide and other dangerous chemicals.

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