Eye witness account of the arrest of Ross Ulbricht arrest in Glen Park

By Lewison Lem
October 1, 2013 — Who knew that quiet Glen Park village would become the epicenter of a major international drug and crime story drama ?  On a sunny afternoon, I was thinking about renewing two books at Glen Park Library, and trying to remember what hours the library opened.  Walking up to the library front doors, I was glad to see the ‘OPEN’ sign on the glass double doors.
I noticed out of the corner of my eye as I approached the doors that several people were standing to the left of the library entrance, in front of the ‘return slot’ where my toddler and I often drop off “Blues Clues” or “Sid the Science Kid” DVDs.  Hmmm, odd I thought that several adults would be waiting outside the library when the sign clearly said ‘OPEN’.
As I approached, I noticed one man with his back to the wall had handcuffs on.  He stood normally and seemed to be chatting with the other people around him.  That is when I noticed that two of the other people had him ‘boxed into’ the corner made by the library wall and the Canyon Market wall.  They seemed like they could have been ordinary library visitors, or someone walking down Diamond street after getting off work or going to shop in the market or have a cup of coffee at one of the Glen Park village eateries.
Next time I bring my toddler to the quiet village and the Glen Park library, I hope I will be more aware of what is going on around me, and not so worried about the overdue book fines !

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