Internet Drug Kingpin arrested at Glen Park Library

You can read the full story in the Chron here.

Here’s the Glen Park scoop, which I got from speaking with the staff at GP library and then the library spokeswoman.

Ross Ulbricht was arrested on Tuesday sitting in the science fiction section of a San Francisco public library branch. The FBI had between six and eight agents in the library but hadn’t made themselves known to the staff, said Michelle Jeffers, a library spokeswoman.

“They heard the sound of a crash in the science fiction area and went over to investigate because they thought a patron might have been hurt. They saw Mr. Ulbricht pressed up against the window by what they thought were several other patrons.”

“They thought it was a fight,” said Jeffers. But then the FBI agents flashed their badges and told them “everything was under control,” she said. Ulbricht did not resist arrest and was quietly led out between several of the agents.

Later two FBI agents in blue FBI jackets came back into the branch to search the area where Ulbricht had been sitting but did not appear to find anything, Jeffers said

There are several patrons who frequent the library and work on laptops in the corner near the science fiction sections but the staff said they didn’t recognize Ubricht and didn’t believe he’d been to the branch before.

It seemed fitting that Ulbricht was sitting in the science fiction and fantasy section, as his on-screen name, Dread Pirate Roberts, comes from a well-known fantasy novel titled “The Princess Bride,” Jeffers said.




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