News from our neighbors in College Park

Check out their video below, really a wonderful job of using basic video to really show a problem to officials.


Crosswalk coming to Richland at the Bernal Cut Path

Last Friday, CHNA Treasurer Robert Lane and three mamas with kiddos attended an MTA hearing at City Hall about the long-desired “midblock” crosswalk for where the Bernal Cut Path crosses Richland Avenue. It was approved! We’ll soon have a safer crossing with more visibility for pedestrians and cyclists. (And we’ll keep you updated on timing when we learn the installation date.)

Our thanks to MTA transit planner Adam Gubser for his diligent work on traffic calming in our neighborhood! And to Bob Lane for being our diligent traffic calming liaison!

If you haven’t seen documentary filmmaker Sophie on Richland’s short video about Richland’s needs, click through and you’ll understand why we’re excited about this crosswalk:


Upcoming improvements to Richland and Highland Bridges

DPW engineers have plans for both under and over our neighborhood bridges. First up, work is scheduled for under both bridges to level out the hillside grading and add stronger fencing to protect the underside of both ends of both bridges (where campers have previously set fires). This work should begin early next month.

Next, both the Highland and Richland Bridges will be getting new concrete guardrails … especially needed after a car accident this past weekend damaged a guardrail on the Highland Bridge. This work is scheduled to start toward the end of the year (but perhaps the accident will bump up repairs for at least the Highland section).

If we hear more specifics (on timing, possible bridge closures), we’ll let you know.



More Parks Alliance greening on the Bernal Cut Path!

We’re grateful for the SF Parks Alliance’s Clean & Green Crew, which came back to the Bernal Cut Path a couple of weeks ago to clear out fennel, weeds, and trash around the Richland Stairs down to San Jose Avenue. The crew is scheduled to come back to our Path next month to help out at DPW’s district-wide Community Clean Team event (on October 19th).

Here’s more info on the Clean & Green Crew from Julia Brashares at the SF Parks Alliance:

The crew is made possible through a partnership with the Department of Public Works, SF Parks Alliance, and the Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc. The crew can do the following types of work at Street Parks: weeding, pruning back overgrown brush and bush, clearing out trash and encampments, spreading mulch, planting, sweeping, etc. They can also remove massive amounts of fennel and ivy, and other invasive plants that may have taken over.

Thanks again, Julia and crew!


Erika Ehmsen

Secretary, College Hill Neighborhood Association



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2 responses to “News from our neighbors in College Park

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  2. Mom on a bike

    What a fantastic act of activism. It never ceases to amaze me how inappropriately drivers use roads around here. If you’re cutting through a neighborhood, you need to drive SLOWLY.

    I hope a bit of attention from the SFMTA will help encourage more cyclists to use this nice connection from Glen Park to Bernal.

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