Beware: Poisoned meat left out on Twin Peaks

This comes from Jeanette Oliver, who manages the Diamond Heights Shopping center.

I have learned that a poisoner has left poisoned meat or dog treats all over in the Twin Peaks area (Crestline and Burnett streets especially).  If ingested, the poison is very toxic, and at least two dogs have been take to emergency this morning.  Customers have told me that they picked up fifty or more pieces in those areas.
SFPD and Animal Care and Control have been dispatched.   If anyone has walked their animal in those areas and noticed signs of illness, the dog should be taken to emergency immediately or it will die.  Parents should also be watchful of their children in that vicinity.
Jeanette Oliver
Diamond Heights Shopping Center, Inc.
5214 J Diamond Heights Blvd.
P.O. Box 31665
San Francisco, CA. 94131



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