Glen Park Association–info on traffic proposal

Bosworth concept diagram 04252013

Mike Schiraldi offered up a quick overview of the posted minutes, which make it easier to envision what’s being proposed, and kindly let us post them:


These are the key points that jumped out :

At the Diamond / Bosworth intersection, they’re looking into…

…adding an extra cycle to the traffic lights, called a “pedestrian
scramble”. This means that all the traffic lights will turn red
simultaneously while all the crosswalks go to “Walk”, so that
pedestrians all move at once. That way, there’s no competition between
pedestrians using the crosswalk and cars turning left and right.

…adding “protected turn movements”, which I think is when there’s a
green arrow cycle for people turning, so they don’t have to compete
with people going straight.

…painting actual lanes, rather than leaving the lanes up to drivers’

…declaring the left lane (from all four directions) left-turn-only

…expanding the nearby no-parking zones (possibly only during rush
hour) to make more room for people to turn

…adding some pedestrian bulbouts

They’re also looking to upgrade two other nearby intersections: the
Bosworth / Arlington intersection (near the 280 S onramp) and the
Bosworth / Lyell intersection (where you go under San Jose Ave) will
have traffic lights and crosswalks in every direction

Also, the plans for a roundabout at Bosworth / Arlington / 280 have
been scrapped for now; there apparently isn’t enough money for one.
Surprisingly, it’s more expensive than adding traffic lights.

Glen Park Association

Quarterly Meeting – Meeting Minutes

Thursday April 13, 2013

St. John’s School 925 Chenery Street

Meeting Called to Order: 7:11pm

Meeting Attendees

Introduction – Michael Rice

Michael Rice gave an update on the Open Houses at the Glen Park Library held in March 2013.  At the Open Houses, the Board asked residents what issues and concerns people had in the neighborhood and what the Glen Park Association, as an organization should pay attention to this coming year.

Based on the input gathered at the Open Houses, four or five topics were identified as priorities for the coming year:

  • Potential development of the BART parking lot – initial planning supposed to get underway this year with an agreement between BART and a developer.  Developer and BART plans to come to the community. However , GPA has not heard anything specific about the project moving forward.
  • Public Safety – Many see the criminal activity updates from Ingleside or the Glen Park Association website.  The Board continuously reminds people of awareness of street safety.  The GPA has other initiatives in this area., such as street lighting problems.
  • Neighborhood Open Space – There is continuous interest in paying attention to Recreation and Parks Department activities.  The 2008 Parks Bond funded phase 1 work at the Rec Center and phase 2, funded by the 2012 Parks Bond, will start soon.  Recreation and Park Department will come out to the community to discuss plans relating to the recreation building.  Other open spaces of note include Dorothy Erskine Park and the green areas along Bosworth.
  • Transportation/Traffic/Pedestrian Safety – Tonight’s program includes a presentation from MTA and the Planning Department about continuing plans to improve Diamond and Bosworth.
  • Citywide Natural Areas Program – covers the rest of Glen Canyon and other areas around the City (e.g., Mount Davidson, Twin Peaks).  There will be community meetings about this program in the coming year.

The above topics are just a summary of the issues raised at the Open Houses.  The GPA Board is very interested in people who are willing to volunteer and work with the board on these issues.  We have committees on open space, zoning etc. and we are looking for a variety of views and want people who are interested in the topics and want to work with our city officials.  Email Michael Rice at to join a committee.

Michael reminded everyone that the Glen Park Festival will be held on Sunday April 28th.  The GPA will have a booth.

Committee/Treasurer Reports


Public Safety Committee Update – Carolyn Deacy, Public Safety Chair

  • Muggings have calmed down but still be careful on the street.
  • GPA developed a Lighting Subcommittee of the Public Safety Committee to focus on lighting in the neighborhood.
    • We identified and reported any out or flickering lights within Glen Park to 311.  All of those lights have been replaced or fixed.
    • We identified trees that were blocking light and the trees belonging to the City have been trimmed.
    • We are identifying areas that are dark and should be better lit and we plan to take a walk with Supervisor Weiner and PG&E to see what we can do to improve lighting quality.
    • Light up Glen Park – the Lighting Subcommittee will be passing out flyers with the following information and suggestions:
      • Call 311 if your lamppost is out.
      • Turn on your porch light and encourage your neighbors to do the same.
      • Add outdoor lighting – Glen Park Hardware will give you a 20% discount.
      • If you notice any dark areas please email
      •  There was discussion regarding the process for reporting out streetlights and what information 311 and PG&E need to fix the lights.  When calling 311, it is best to report the nearest address and the pole type.

Question: What do we do about BART parking lot lights that are out?

Answer: Try asking the Station Agent for the right contact information

Comment:  There is a dark spot on Chenery where two people have mugged; is it possible to get the people who live there to put up lights?

There was a question regarding trees that the City has turned over to residents that are now hazardous.  There is a process through DPW to remove a hazardous tree.

Planning and Zoning Committee Update – Nicholas Dewar, Planning and Zoning Committee Chair

Update on Open Space on Bosworth Street Burnside to Diamond:

  • When we think of open space, we think of Glen Canyon but the second largest open space is down Bosworth St from Elk St. to Diamond St.  The trees there (especially the pine trees) are dying leaving gaps in the foliage.
  • DPW owns most of the property; the PUC and Archdiocese (St John’s School) are also involved.
  • We have been talking with them to discuss improving the area.
  • A DPW representative said that they are thinking of putting in low maintenance trees (i.e. native oaks).  We will set up a time to walk over the site.  If there is more community support the more likely it is to get done.
  • If anyone is interested in participating in this process, please contact Nicholas.

Membership Report – Sally Ross, Membership secretary

  • Update on membership.

Guest Speakers – David Greenaway, Planning Department and Amnon Ben-Pazi, SFMTA

Greenaway and Ben-Pazi gave updates on pending Bosworth-Diamond and Bosworth-Arlington traffic improvements.

  • We are looking at 3 intersections Diamond and Bosworth, Bosworth and Arlington and Diamond and Lyell (in order of priority).  Then improvements for Arlington and Wilder would be next including restriping the crosswalks and installing bulb outs.

Diamond and Bosworth Intersection

  • Working with DPW and planning department and MTA to figure out what we can do to fix this intersection works for everyone using the grant funds for pedestrian improvements.
  • We plan to widen 44 bus stop sidewalk for standing room and install a pedestrian bulb out on the Southeast corner – we are still working with MTA to make sure buses can work with this.
  • Other measures include sidewalk widening on Diamond, a pedestrian bulb out on the Northwest corner and new concrete and striping.
  • There will be a right turn lane for eastbound onto Bosworth and Southbound onto Diamond
  • Signal timing will also be a component including a potential pedestrian-only phase, although the traffic engineers are still analyzing this.
  • The EIR from the Glen Park Community Plan will need an addendum to cover these plans,.
  • The intent is to begin physical construction in late summer.


  • Question: What about southbound Diamond onto Bosworth?
  • Answer:  The left-turn lane will be onto Bosworth and the right lane will be through traffic.  To facilitate the left-turn lane there will be a red curb on Diamond.  We are investigating peak hour no parking.
  • Question:  Rather than expanding bus zone for 44, have you considered moving the 44 bus across the street across Bosworth and keeping this corner for just the 52?
  • Answer: We discussed the possibility during the Community Plan process but it was determined that it would place more delay on BART commuters and this would expose them to traffic in two crosswalks.  This is a pedestrian and transit first area.
  • Question: What about the bulb out by the BART station?  The commuter buses will not be able to make the turn around the corner.
  • Answer: We will talk with MTA, who interfaces with the “Google buses” and use turning templates that track the turning radius to make sure they can make the turn.
  • A resident expressed concerns that when the buses turn onto Diamond, the proposed bulb out needs to take into account disabled parking spots other bus turns turn on diamond, and newspaper stands.  The resident also raised the Community Plan section on San Jose Avenue becoming less like a freeway and suggested that the Arlington and San Jose Ave intersection a real intersection.
  • A resident conveyed concern about the planning process and the community input process.  Ben-Pazi and Greenway said the plan here is what is in the Glen Park Community Plan EIR and they are trying to move the process forward.
  • Question:  Will the turn Northbound onto Bosworth be wider for the commuter buses?
  • Answer: We will make sure those buses can make that turn and stay within this lane and cut the turn
  • A resident brought up the idea of widening the street into the BART Plaza.  The EIR has many variants but that idea is not part of this.  The Plaza redesign is in the future and is not funded.  The slopes there make it complicated and MTA has to move forward with the funding it has.  Greenaway and Ben-Pazi discussed the commuter buses and said there will not be a perfect solution because there is not that much space.
  • Question: Is there any possibility of sending commuter bus traffic to another BART station?
  • Answer: We are talking about this and it will be raised again.
  • Question: Does the EIR reflect the increase in private shuttle busses?
  • Answer: The data is from 2010, so we may have to collect more information.
  • A resident suggested additional enforcement for traffic violations.  At the last GPA meeting, Captain Falvey suggested residents call the police and they will respond.
  • A resident brought up pedestrian crossing at Kern St. in front of the Library. This is a legal intersection by definition but does not have a striped crosswalk.  MTA suggested contacting Supervisor Weiner to get

A resident asked for the MTA and Planning Department materials to be posted online and distributed.

Arlington and Bosworth & Bosworth and Lyell

  • Greenway and Ben-Pazi discussed the Arlington and Bosworth intersection, which would follow the Diamond and Bosworth improvement.  The goal is to install a traffic signal however, that is a two-year process to analyze the effects.  The plan is to restripe crosswalks.
  • At Bosworth and Lyell, if there is money to put a signal there, MTA and Planning will consider it.
  • Ben-Pazi and Greenway discussed the EIR process and said that both proposed signals would be part of the same EIR.  The Traffic Engineer for city wants to see a signal at these intersections.  Additionally, curbs will be widened and new crosswalks would be installed although the exact crosswalk location may change.
  • A resident suggested that it would be better to go on Arlington for entrance onto 280 after these changes are implemented which may change the traffic at diamond and Bosworth.
  • Question:  Because these improvements will take so long, could we implement stop signs in the intersection in the interim?
  • Answer:   The stop sign at Lyell already backs up and the stop sign process is lengthy.
  • Question:  Would there be a left turn lane and signal travelling on Bosworth turning left onto Arlington?
  • Answer:  Yes.  We just got the go ahead to consider the traffic signal so this is still in development.
  • Question:  Will any of the trees on the median  be affected?  The trees are now 55 years old and nearing the end of their lifespan.
  • Answer:  The median on Bosworth may be extended towards Arlington so there would be more space for the trees.
  • Question: Are barriers on the median to prevent jaywalking a possibility?
  • Answer:  We will take that into account.
  • Question: Could we have the rationale for why the roundabout idea was scrapped and why the signals were suggested?  Are the left turn pockets on Bosworth okay?
  • Answer: The roundabout is not being considered due to cost reasons.  The EIR looked at the roundabout in a 2 dimensional perspective and did not consider right of way permitting, retaining walls for the freeway and the complexity of the real estate purchase and the Bart parking lot.  There is a finite amount of resources from the federal grant.  The traffic analysis will tell us if the signal can actually mitigate the issues.  As a pedestrian, the signal  is better than the roundabout.  We will bring the analysis back to the GPA.
  • Question:  What are the plans to consider the BART parking lot development and the effect on the traffic calming measures?
  • Answer:  We have heard that the parking lot is under discussion but we do not know and it is probably a long way out.
  • Rice said that the Community Plan EIR had considered the potential development into the analysis.
  • This was a very good presentation, there is progress, and we look forward to seeing you in three months.

Guest Speaker – Penny Lane – Surrey Steps project, Adam King

Rice introduced Adam King who presented the history of the Penny Lane / Surrey Steps Project, specifically Penny Lane between Diamond St. and Surrey St.  between Surrey and Sussex.  Rice mentioned this is a project that demonstrates residents working amongst themselves and with City departments to get something done.  King discussed improvements along several lanes, Penny Lane, Poppy Lane and Ohlone Way, specifically the Surrey Steps, a project currently under construction.

  • 7 years ago King and others got a parcel map and did an analysis to develop a planting plan and came up with three zones, worked with landscape designers.
  • For the Surrey Steps, there were a few design criteria: Plants should hug fence, steps should follow grain of the site, and changes should keep in mind flooding.
  • After design, the group reached out to neighbors, met with all the immediate neighbors and developed an email distribution list.
  • King discussed the support the group got from DPW in moving materials and taking away cuttings and weeds.  The area is a DPW sewer right of way and before beginning, they required a project description, budget, a design, and funding.
  • King discussed the relationship the group had with the Parks Alliance, and their help on navigating the process.
  • The labor is volunteer based but the budget for materials has come from the neighbors.  Currently the project is in the building phase, next is the planting phase, which may be more accessible for additional volunteers.
  • Question:  Thinking about the Bosworth corridor or other lanes – what are your best ideas?
  • Answer:  1) Meet with neighbors see who’s interested and 2) You need commitment and buy in and cash

Meeting Adjourned 8:57pm



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  1. Denise Louie

    Hi, Thank you for the email news.  I’m interested in the traffic proposal for Bosworth/Diamond.  Can you explain why bulbouts might be effective?  Are considerations geared for pedestrian safety?  What about traffic flow or lack thereof?

    Thanks, Denise


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