UPS Deliveryman Gets a Surprise on Daily Rounds


Photo by Michael Waldstein.

by Bonnee Waldstein

Leo Parker, Glen Park’s UPS man for over two decades, is used to delivering packages to Glen Park residents.  He’s not so accustomed to receiving them.  Today as his truck whizzed by, he was hailed by a neighbor who presented Leo with an American Express Personal Gift Card for $375.  A few weeks ago,  folks got together to donate towards a gift for Leo, to express their appreciation for all he does for Glen Park.  Limited to an inscription of his name and just 21 additional characters,  the card read simply, “GP likes Leo.”

In addition to performing his job masterfully, Leo keeps an eye out for any noteworthy neighborhood conditions and spreads the word.  More than that, Leo brings a warm smile and cheerful greeting to his two-legged customers, and an encouraging word or two for the four-legged creatures that also greet him at the door.

As more of us shop online, Leo is more of a lifeline than ever.



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5 responses to “UPS Deliveryman Gets a Surprise on Daily Rounds

  1. Anonymous

    Love that Leo. He’s always here with a smile, and we know each other, even in other places. Go Leo!

    -dolan eargle and Carolyn Kernberger

  2. Anonymous

    Haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Leo so far but as a new resident it’s so nice to hear that people appreciate the many different people who in their special and sometimes unique ways, make this a nice place to live.

  3. murals

    Well done GP! He deserves it! Sometimes he even delivers online orders of sinks!

  4. Anonymous

    I’m new to Glen Park this year as Principal of Glen Park School. Leo is indeed a breath of fresh air and we look forward to his daily visits. We show our gratitude in the form of sweets. GP School loves Leo! Kudos to the neighborhood folks who coordinated the gift.

    Jean Robertson

  5. Alexis Shoemate

    We absolutely love Leo! What a great way to recognize his incredible service to our community. I would happily participate in a group gift for him in the future, so please keep us posted (if you can) if you hear of this happening again. He’s truly remarkable.

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