Two Church Street lanes now transit only

}From SFMTA. Photo from the Twitter feed of Filipe Robles]

Thank you for your continued interest in the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP).

After months of waiting for dry weather, the TEP will finally implement one of its pilot projects beginning Monday March 25th.

BGFBmf-CcAIhBnp.jpg-largeSFMTA will be painting the two center lanes on Church Street between Duboce and 16th Street red this weekend. The planning and outreach associated with this project began in August and we are excited that the weather finally cooperated to support implementation.

Key points of the pilot:

New (red) transit only lanes will make Muni more reliable on the slowest part of Church Street
18-month pilot to observe transit and paint durability
Demarcate transit lanes to increase compliance among drivers
It should be easier for drivers to know exactly where the transit lanes starts and ends
Left turns restricted 7am to 7pm from Church onto 15th and 16th streets.
No parking impacts
22 Fillmore will operate in red lanes with the J Church
Driveway access to Safeway is open
To learn more about this pilot project, please visit:

Thank you for your support of a better Muni system.


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