Work begins on Canyon renovation project

Work on the renovation of the entrance to Glen Canyon park beings. Photo by Murray Schneider.

Work on the renovation of the entrance to Glen Canyon park beings. Photo by Murray Schneider.

By Murray Schneider

The long-delayed and eagerly awaited Glen Canyon Renovation Project has begun. Large earthmovers and bulky debris containers now line a familiar walkway, which only a week or so ago paralleled tennis courts leading to the WPA-constructed Recreation Center. Several of the trees that dotted the slope heading up the hill toward Sussex Street are felled, waiting removal.


One hundred and sixty three new trees and new landscaping, replete with habitat-friendly California native plants, will grace a renovated facility that will boast a children’s

Photo Lewison Lem.

Photo Lewison Lem.

play area with state-of-the art recreation equipment, a new accessible restroom, new tennis courts, improved park paths and a vehicular drop-off on Elk Street for parents bringing their children to Glenridge Co-op Nursery School and Silver Tree Summer Camp.

While dog walkers, Glenridge parents and hikers may have to navigate around construction fencing, access to the multi-use 70-acre recreational open space in the heart of Glen Park remains easily accessible. A cyclone fence gate is readily available at Elk Street and Paradise Avenue. The Sussex Street steps have not been blocked by the contractor, who has also supplied a porta potty for park visitors’ convenience. The contractor is also obligated to maintain the six-to-10 saplings that will reside adjacent to the new tennis courts for a period of two years after the completion of the project.

Photo by Lewison Lem.

Photo by Lewison Lem.


By Lewison Lem.

By Lewison Lem.

The Rec Center is closed, as well, so a new heating system can be installed.

The project, paid for by the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond, is scheduled for completion in November 2013.


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One response to “Work begins on Canyon renovation project

  1. Kim

    When will they start work on our play field? (3 boys visiting our family from out of town in a few weeks.)
    Thanks and glad to see work has begun!

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