GPA meeting report


Report from GPA meeting


On Thursday, about 30 people from Glen Park made their way into the Auditorium at Glen Park Elementary for the quarterly meeting of the Glen Park Association.


Where else could you meet someone who has been living in Glen Park since 1958, pepper your Supervisor, Scott Wiener, with questions and then get to ask whatever you want of Captain Tim Falvey, Chief of Ingleside station, our local police precinct?


The meeting began with President Michael Rice having everyone introduce themselves and say how long they’d been in the neighborhood. We had folks who moved here a year ago, folks in the 10 to 20 year range and several people who grew up in Glen Park and went to Glen Park Elementary, next to folks whose children go there now. For awhile it looked like 1969 was going to be the year the oldest resident present arrived, but that record was blown out of the water by a gentleman who was born here in 1958 and has lived here ever since.


Next came GPA’s annual elections. The vote for the current slate was unanimous:


President – Michael Rice

Vice President – Carolyn Deacy

Recording Secretary – Janice Levy

Corresponding Secretary – Mic Ames

Membership Secretary – Sally Ross

Treasurer – Dennis Mullen


Michael Rice noted that BART is beginning its planning process for the BART parking lot at Bosworth St. and Arlington St. This will likely take several years. Look for more information in the coming months.


Rice then introduced Sup. Wiener, who took audience questions about everything from street trees and who cares for them to the outlook for more affordable housing in the neighborhood.


Next staff from the San Francisco Planning Department, City Design Group gave an update on the Diamond/Bosworth traffic improvements


Then Captain Tim Falvey, Chief of Ingleside station, took questions from the audience.


News from Ingleside Station

In December, four of the five lieutenants at Ingleside were transferred out and four new lieutenants came to the station. The good news is that two of the new lieutenants grew up in the area so they’re very familiar with the streets.


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has identified give high-accident intersections for each SFPD district to focus on. In addition, Ingleside’s police patrol cars have three problem areas to focus on. This focus is helping find criminals.


For those who drive Bosworth, note that of late there’s been a “your speed” electric trailer that gives cars their speed as they drive by. Beware! When it’s gone, the “education” portion is completed and they will be ticketing.


ARREST: On Tuesday police arrested a man for two robberies on Monterey Blvd. Taraval Station arrested him and noticed that he matched the description of the suspect in the Monterey robberies. So far one victim has identified the suspect. This suspect is a possible suspect in the other muggings in the area.


Crime prevention:

In the wake of increased attacks and thefts, Ingleside station has increased nighttime patrols in Glen Park.


The Dept. of Public Works has partnered with SFPD to clean out the homeless encampment below the Richland bridge on the College Hill.


SFPD is looking for patterns in the robberies. Also, they are pulling more people over to question them


SFPD offers these safety tips:

  • Don’t talk on the phone while walking.
  • When walking place valuables in your pocket (if you get mugged, they may not get your keys, wallet and phone).
  • Be aware while walking.
  • Walk in the middle of the street if you feel threatened.
  • Walk in pairs


Safety suggestions for the neighborhood:


  • Leave your porch light on–encourage your neighbors to do the same. Motion sensors work well. This has worked to reduce criminal activity in the Castro.
  • Trim trees so the street lights aren’t blocked.
  • Report burnt out street lights to 311. It helps to include the number on the pole.
  • Register your big ticket items on Leads On Line.


Captain Falvey is notifying PUC that the lighting on Richland St. off of San Jose Ave. is dangerous, and could lead to increase criminal activity. This will encourage them to add lighting.


Q and A:


Q: What should I do if I’m getting mugged? How effective is using a whistle, will it encourage the mugger to hurt me?

Falvey: First give up you property. Avoid fighting; use your judgment on whether to scream, use a whistle or shout. It may irritate the assailant but has helped draw attention of neighbors.  You may decide to wait until they are gone to make noise.

The muggings may be getting more violent because it prevents the suspect being identified, the victim is focused on protecting herself rather than looking at the mugger.


Q: What is Unit block

Falvey: The first block of a street, numbers 1-99


Q: When should I call 911 vs the non emergency number [415-553-0123]?

Falvey: If it’s suspicious activity call non emergency number. If you something is happening or you think something going to happen call 911.


Q: Are you aware of the people claiming to be from PG&E, going door to door?

Falvey: There have been some young people going door-to-door in the evening 5 to 9 PM doing energy surveys for alternative energy companies. They were legitimate; the company has been informed that going door to door in the evening is not appropriate.


Captain Falvey didn’t seem to be aware of the bogus PG&E guys in Glen Park. He was informed that the bogus PG&E guys do exist.

His response: don’t open your door to a stranger but do let them know you are home. It’s common for burglars to go door to door to find out who’s not at home.

He also suggested you can tell if the PG&E people are legitimate, if the PG&E truck is parked in front of your home.


Q: The lights were out in the park on Friday evening, it was very dark. This is a safety issue, people were partying in the playground.

A: Michael Rice offered to call Park and Rec to find out what the plan is for temporary lighting during the construction.



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2 responses to “GPA meeting report

  1. dolan eargle

    Well, GPA hasn’t changed enough for me to persist.  I refuse to take part in any actions governed by Michael Rice-a person who can’t recognize the beauty of nature and our Canyon. I still regard Glen Park as my home,  but a cannot abide the purposefully blind and dictatorial policies of this man.  I’ll wait this one out. Dolan


  2. Patty Stanton

    Thanks! Good summary, Patty

    Adopt a great dog!www.muttville.orgDate: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 23:02:02 +0000 To:

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