Two crime reports from Richland Avenue near the Bernal Cut

Mugging on Richland Avenue
A young woman walking alone was mugged tonight (Wednesday, Jan 9) at 8:20 p.m. on the “unit block” of Richland Ave., the stretch between the Bernal Cut/Arlington and Mission. I witnessed the mugging from my second-floor porch at about mid-block. I heard hysterical screams and went out on my porch to see the 2 thugs knocking the woman to the ground across the street from me. I yelled “Stop!!” and “Call 911!!” and saw them get what they wanted and then run to a getaway SUV with no lights on that was parked in the dark at the base of the bridge where the Bernal Cut Path crosses Richland.

It looked like a dark blue or black Ford Escape SUV to me, but it was dark and too far away to see the exact make/model or color let alone see a license plate. Another neighbor saw the vehicle (which he thought was a van) speed across the bridge onto Miguel and head up the hill into Glen Park. He told officers that he had noticed this vehicle slowly prowling down Richland with its lights off before the 2 men jumped out and grabbed the victim.

The men were of average height (no more than 5’9″, I’d say) and I could not see what they looked like; they had dark hooded sweatshirts pulled tight around their face.

After I called 911 myself, I went down to the street to talk with SFPD officers from the Ingleside Station, who responded quickly. A number of neighbors came out to check on the victim and wait with her while officers, paramedics, and her boyfriend arrived. And a few of us witnessed the crime and gave statements to the police.

My understanding is that the female mugging victim is a neighbor in Bernal and had just texted her boyfriend to tell him she was almost home from BART. Her boyfriend came running when someone called him about the crime. He said he usually walks her home even though it’s “such a quiet, safe neighborhood,” so he felt really bad that they had strayed from their routine tonight.

I did not ask what had been stolen (I figured I’d learn this in the Ingleside Station’s near-daily newsletter). Since the woman was knocked to the ground and struck repeatedly, she was taken into an ambulance to be assessed by paramedics.

I gave as many details as possible to the officers and was given this case number:
130 025 192

If you also witnessed this crime, or if you saw a dark SUV or van with its lights off on your street Wednesday night and got its plates or make/model, please call Officer Barajas at SFPD’s Ingleside Station: 404-4000.

Or use the Anonymous Tip Line: 643-6233.

Fyi: A neighbor also emailed Supervisor Wiener’s office to let them know about this crime. Our neighborhood association will renew its efforts to get more street lighting on Richland Avenue—and to get lights added to the pitch-black Bernal Cut Path.

Tree vandalism
From a neighbor on Richland Avenue
I would like to bring this to the attention of our neighbors: There is a young man with a tan-and-white pitbull that is vandalizing our street trees. I caught him in the act last night (Tuesday, Jan 8), but he ran away. He is driving spikes and large screws into our street trees. I removed several from my tree last night. Hard to imagine what motivates someone to do this.

Let’s all be on the lookout for this clown, and call the police immediately if you see him in action, or find your trees damaged. Thanks.

SFPD’s Ingleside Station: 404-4000

SFPD’s Anonymous Tip Line: 643-6233

Thank you for watching out for each other (and our street trees),
Erika Ehmsen
Secretary, College Hill Neighborhood Association


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2 responses to “Two crime reports from Richland Avenue near the Bernal Cut

  1. Anonymous

    So sorry to hear about the mugging on Richland. Can we also get some more information (detailed description) on the guy with the pit bull?

  2. Anonymous

    I wondered if these were the same guys that followed me (one of them ran after me) from the corner of Chenery at Mateo St. and stopped at Miguel St. approximately 8:15pm on Wednesday as I was walking home from BART. I called 911 and reported my incident right when I got home around 8:45.

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