Glen Park Association Meeting Jan. 16

The Glen Park Association


Please Plan to join us for our 1st quarterly meeting of 2013.  It will be held at 7:00 P.M on Wednesday, January 16th, at Glen Park Elementary School on 151 Lippard Street.


The agenda includes the annual election of GPA officers.  This is your official election notice.


  • Officer nominations may be made at the meeting.
  • Voting eligibility:  Memberships must be paid for 2013 in order to vote. There is automatically one voting membership per paid household. Some households have more paid memberships and are entitled to one vote per paid membership.
  • Those for you who have yet not yet paid your dues for 2013, there is a form below for your use and mailing instructions. You can also renew on line by using  ( provides credit or debit card or PayPal options) or you may pay at the meeting.



1.  Election of Officers – see note above.

A quorum of members must be present for a valid vote.

2.  Update on Neighborhood Projects

3.  Presentation by the SFPUC on our local watershed management  (canceled)


Further program updates may follow.  Unfortunately, the SFPUC will not present at the meeting, as indicated in the mailed notices.


Best wishes for a wonderful 2013.

The Glen Park Association,

Sally Ross, Membership Secretary



Form for Membership Dues for 2013 – Must be received by January 14 to vote!


Name _________________________________    Address________________________________

Email Address____________________________________     Number of memberships_______

Telephone_____________________________      Amount Enclosed  ($10 per member) ______

Please indicate here if you are making a donation in addition to your dues.  ________________

Please return this information in the envelope along with your dues, and send it to

PO Box 31292

The Glen Park Association

San Francisco CA  94131-0292


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