NO Board of Appeals hearing on Glen Park plan today


The original appeal, filed last month, has been withdrawn, so the Board of Appeals hearing WILL NOT happen on Wednesday as was posted below. However the NEW appeal, pasted into this document, will have a hearing, it appears, but that has not yet been scheduled.


The Board of Appeals meeting that will address the on-going stoppage of work on the Rec Center in Glen Park is today at 500 pm, Dec 12, room 416 at City Hall. According to the agenda the the Glen Park project is the fourth rehearing item which means it should  start by about 530 – 545 pm. After short presentations by the appellants and the city, there will be public comment (up to 3 minutes per speaker), and then deliberations by the board. It’s hard to tell, but maybe an hour overall.

If you have feelings on the matter but cannot  attend, please send an e-mail to, for the record.

glen canyon ceqa appeal REDACTED 121211


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One response to “NO Board of Appeals hearing on Glen Park plan today

  1. Forest Forest Forever

    The re-hearing appeal will not be on the Board of Appeals agenda tonight.

    Anastasia Glikshtern withdrew her request for a re-hearing in light of our appeal to the SF Board of Supervisors requesting the City re-examine their environmental compliance under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for the Glen Canyon Park Renovation Project.

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