Wreath-making at Sunnyside Conservatory

Greetings to All:

The Sunnyside Conservatory will be holding its 4th Wreath Making, in the Conservatory on Sunday, 12/16 from 11:30 till 3:30 pm. It is a free event. And all are welcome. Please join us!

Materials Provided:
Lots of greens; some with red berries, some variegated foliage, flax, blue juniper, cherry laurel, Queen Ann box. We have: 2 pairs of pruning shears, some wire, and NO Douglas fir – it dried too much last year!

Please Bring:
Pruning shears for your use (so you don’t have to wait for the others),frame(s) to build your wreath(s) (otherwise you will have to rely on my small supply of coat hangers), ribbons, cones, etc. for your use, plus greens and anything else you wish to share.


On Another Topic, The Gardening Day (drip, drip)

We had a productive day, pulling weeds which came out nicely due to the damp ground, and working to make the place look better. It was not exactly a sunny day, and I would like to especially thank Anna C., Riz G., and Bob A.for working damply through the morning, and Bob our gardener for R&P as well.

Best Holiday Regards,
Sally Ross
for Friends of Sunnyside Conservatory


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