Glen Park Parks Bond vote totals

By Lewison Lem

Glen Park and Sunnyside Precinct – Vote Totals

San Francisco Proposition B – Parks Bond


The summary below shows the vote results for 7 voting precincts in San Francisco that include the Glen Park and Sunnyside neighborhoods.  The 7 precincts are placed into three groups:


(Precinct Group 1) Glen Park Village and East Glen Park

(Precinct Group 2) Glen Park above west Chenery Street

(Precinct Group 3) Sunnyside between Bosworth and Monterey


Glen Park Village and East Glen Park had 1,451 votes for Proposition B and 403 votes against.  Glen Park above west Chenery Street had 959 Yes votes and 295 no votes.  The two precincts that include Sunnyside showed 740 votes in favor of Proposition B and 264 votes against the measure.

The table below shows the percentage yes votes for the three areas of Glen Park and Sunnyside neighborhood, and the total for all 7 precincts in the two neigbhorhoods.  The table shows the highest levels of support for Proposition B in the central and eastern part of Glen Park.  All three areas and all 7 precincts showed “Yes” vote percentages above 73%.




Glen Park and Sunnyside Precincts % Yes Votes
GP Village and East GP (3 precincts) total 78.26%
Above Chenery (2 precincts) total 76.48%
Sunnyside btwn bosworth & monterey (2 precincts) total 73.71%
All Glen Park/Sunnyside (7 precincts) total 76.61%



The table below shows the voting results for the 7 Glen Park and Sunnyside precincts as compared with the San Francisco citywide totals.  In total, the two neighbors provided 3,150 “yes” votes to Proposition B and 962 ‘no’ votes.  This compares with 205,311 “Yes” votes in San Francisco City and County as a whole, and 80,574 “No” votes in the San Francisco in total.  The  Glen Park and Sunnyside vote outcome showed about a 5 percent higher “yes’ vote outcome than San Francisco as a whole, with a total of 77% in favor in Glen Park/Sunnyside and 72% in favor in the City as a whole.



Glen Park and Sunnyside Compared with SF Citywide Results # Yes Votes # No Votes % Yes Votes
All Glen Park/Sunnyside (7 precincts) total 3,150 962 76.6%
SF Citywide Totals 205,311 80,574 71.8%




On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 10:39 AM, Lewison Lem <> wrote:

The precinct on chenery street in glen park posted the printout last night from their vote count.

attached is a foto of the vote count for SF Prop B — the Parks Bond –for this precinct #7872.  The summary is:
Voted Yes:     263  votes (75.4%)
Voted No:         86 votes (24.6%)
Total Votes     349 votes (100%)
This is the ‘Glen Park Village’ precinct, that includes the intersection of Diamond and Chenery, and is bounded by Lippard on the west, Sussex on the north, roanoke and mateo on the east, and arlington, san jose, and bosworth on the south.
by my estimate, this puts the central glen park precinct 3 percentage points above the overall citywide result.  The SF office of elections shows the overall result as 72.0% voted Yes citywide.  (3% points in this precinct is equivalent to 10 individual votes)
So for everyone who put up a Prop B sign in their window and supported a “yes” vote, here is one way to measure the impact of your efforts !

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