Rec Center: Yea or Nay? You say — Nov. 14

The hearing on the Rec Center appeal is on Wednesday, Nov. 14. Whether you think the Rec Center and playground shouldn’t be rebuilt and the project stopped or whether you want the multi-year process to come to a close, Wednesday is your chance to be heard. A neighbor sent this to the various Glen Park lists:
Is this Wed. Nov. 14     5PM   City Hall Room 416
Emails can be sent to Board of Appeal staff,, in reference to Appeal 12-128.
Renovations on the Glen Park Rec Center have been halted. Despite the many meetings of community input /planning, ONE person decided to file an appeal and everything stopped.
If you don’t know the full story…here is the link
If you disagree with the project being halted, you will have a chance to voice your opinion.
Wed. Nov. 14
5 PM
City Hall Room 416
You can also send an email to
 Board of Appeal staff,, in reference to Appeal 12-128. Make sure it is sent by noon on Nov. 14.
surrey st
Please see below. some thoughts from one of our neighbors.
You are likely aware that the work to begin renovation of the Glen Park Recreation Center, with a new, bigger playground, new restrooms at the Rec Center, and a new landscaped entrance path from Elk Street is on hold because of last-minute appeal filed against the building permits.
The appeal argues, among other points, that the 10-month community process to develop the plan approved by the Recreation and Park Commission last year was flawed, and that minor changes in the plan could avoid removal of several large trees. I believe, as do many other neighbors, that this appeal is misguided and should be denied so the contracted work can begin.
Please consider  the following points to uphold the permits:
  • The Recreation and Park Department and Trust for Public Land worked with the Glen Park community over 10 months to review needs, alternatives, and options to arrive at the adopted Glen Park Recreation Center Improvement Plan.
  • The adopted plan carefully balances the goals of a larger, safer children’s playground, a safe drop-off on Elk Street, creating a wider, welcoming, landscaped entry path to the Rec Center and building ADA-compliant restrooms.
  • The plan rebuilds the two tennis courts, and maintains the space for the heavily used athletic fields.
  • The appellants are challenging this plan because of issues that have nothing to do with the building permits. Those issues in fact do not come under the permit jurisdiction at all.
  • Please uphold the permits so this long-awaited work can get underway.
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4 responses to “Rec Center: Yea or Nay? You say — Nov. 14

  1. John Rohosky

    RE: # 12-128
    Glen Park Canyon proposed tree removal.

    To Board of Appeals:

    Look, it wouldn’t hurt to take a second look at this proposed tree removal project that is in junction with Rec Center improvements. It is necessary? Are some minor design tweaks desirable, in order to save the character of our beloved Glen Canyon, that is, the euchalyptis trees. Some of these trees are close to 100 years old. Who cares if they are “non-native”. So am I.
    I am a “non-native” species that migrated to Glen Park 40 years ago.

    A big reason I chose Glen Park was the attached Canyon and open space with it’s wonderful fragrant trees. My kids went to Silver Tree Day Care Center.

    Furthermore, I am NOT opposed to improving the recreation center and playground. I voted for Prop B. The drop-off area is a good idea. Just inject a little common sense and awareness into the process. Please remove as few trees as possible.

    Speaking as as an architect, it is a hell of lot easier to change something on paper initially, than to try to fix later, a mistaken built reality. E.g. the
    Embarcadero Freeway.

    Please call for a re-design. That’s what the appeals process is for. It’s what will allow us citizens to make the improvements even better.


    John Rohosky, AIA, Architect
    Glen Park resident for 40 years.

    • Ted Edwards, Glen Park

      It seems rather curious that the tennis courts are being shifted but that is not an improvement and we are not getting more tennis courts. Seems like an awful lot of work and expense to relocate tennis courts. Were there considerations that tried to incorporate preservation of those trees into the over design goals? I attended two of the community meetings. It was interesting to review the minutes of those meetings that mysteriously have omitted strong views that were expressed about many issues. Can we get a clarification of the process and the role of all parties, especially the Glen Park Association? At the quarterly meeting three weeks ago there were issues raised about the voice of the membership in supporting the final plan. I have posted before that I believe the Glen Park Association should take a leadership role to unite the community and not use its bully pulpit to solely propagate and reinforce the views of its leadership, I am not a member of the organization. But when you control the only community paper there is a greater responsibility.
      Ted, Glen Park

  2. Barne

    This posting is very misleading. The appeal was filed to stop unnecessary healthy tree removal, not to stop the project: we all want the rec center refurbished and the playground upgraded.

    The appeal is about saving the trees and “tweaking” the design of the project to incorporate the trees so they don’t have to be razed. The magical thing about Glen Canyon is it’s wildness and its trees. Let’s work on a win/win for everyone: rec center and large tree preservation!

    Objections to the plan have nothing to do with the playground or rec center. They have to do with moving the tennis courts and razing healthy trees. Since no additional tennis courts will be built, you will not be gaining anything by this move, but you will be losing 6 majestic trees — the sister trees to the owl tree. In addition, these new tennis courts — two, the same number we’ve always had — will not be aligned properly, so that the sun will be in the tennis players’ eyes at certain times for portions of the year.

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