Election day, Glen Park

Chenery Street polling place, San Francisco. 7:16 a.m.


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3 responses to “Election day, Glen Park

  1. Stephen Labovsky

    Election day is also the day GPA President Michael Rice pledged to finally publish almost a year and a half of back minutes from GPA board and general meetings, on this website.

    President Rice takes great umbrage when people suggest he is personally benefiting through his position as GPA president, and I don’t blame him. But unless he is going to be more transparent, he has only himself to blame, cause the ‘appearance’ is downright awful!

    I am not asking for Michael to do me any favors. I am asking him to act democratically, and publish GPA minutes, in accordance with our by-laws.

    And that’s my message for election day, 2012

    • elizabethweise

      There’s no ill will or intent to hide anything here. Merely a bunch of volunteers, most of whom work full time, and try to do this work as we can. Michael got all the minutes to me over the weekend and today’s the fist day I’ve had to go in and post them. Well, really, I don’t have time. But it’s important so I’ll do it.
      Beth Weise

      • Stephen Labovsky

        Indeed the GPA is made up of volunteers, but by assuming a position on the GPA board, folks like yourself have agreed to uphold the by-laws of our organization. If you or any other board member feel their work or anything else is conflicting with their GPA responsibilities, they are free to resign!

        GPA does have by-laws as it pertains to minutes. They’re not difficult to understand or fore fill : the recording secretary records board and general GPA minutes. And under the auspicious of the corresponding secretary, they are published. How hard is that, and why did it take a year and a half to accomplish this? The appearance isn’t good.

        I think it’s important to remember that this isn’t just a question of minutes. I believe that perhaps the most important issue to confront Glen Park in the past 25 years, is the Glen Canyon Park Improvement Plan. GP News, Micahel Rice and others have been strong supporters, and on occasion, down right partisans in advocating the ‘Plan.’ The minutes should give us some insight into board debates and positions with regard to this matter.

        But all along, there have been many general members who have opposed the “Plan” and anyone who attended the last GPA general meeting on Oct 6th heard them, perhaps for the first time. Their message was pretty clear: We don’t want to see the destruction of Alms Road, simply to ‘put up a parking lot,’ or in this case some tennis courts.’

        It seemed to have resonated with at least two people in the room that night: Supervisor Scott Wiener, and Michael Rice who pledged to hold a special meeting to fully discuss the matter before the appeal to the Plan was heard before the SF Board of Appeal heard the case. That appeal is taking place next week. No meeting will take place. Another broken promise from Michael Rice.

        But back to the question of the minutes: Once the minutes actually appear— and we hope that will be today— we are going to look very closely at them, and at their provenance. So watch this space.

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