Glen Park celebrates a Giants win

Glen Park Giants’ fans celebrate the team’s 2012 World Series victory. Photo Elizabeth Weise

By Elizabeth Weise

Just as they did two years ago, Glen Park residents poured out of homes and businesses Sunday night to celebrate the Giants’ second World Series win in two years. Minutes after the game a steady stream of shouting, screaming, pot-banging people headed to the corner of Chenery and Diamond Streets, where they took up positions and made their pleasure known to all.

“I was real proud of our jazz audience that they made it through the fifth inning before they left for the Glen Park Station to watch the game,” said Eric Whittington, owner of Bird and Beckett books on Chenery. The store’s regularly-scheduled jazz concert was well attended and few patrons when the game began. But as soon as the last horn blew, almost the entire audience decamped for the Station and its big screen TVs, to watch the game.

Just after nine o’clock multiple families, some with toddlers woken to take part, made their way with pots, pan and home-made signs, towards the corner. A second crowd came out of P’tit Laurent and Chenery Park, and a third poured out of the Glen Park Station bar. All met in the street, a happy, shouting, jumping collection of fans. One group brought champagne and cups and poured a round so they could toast the win.

Fireworks were heard from near and far and even at 10:30 PM cars honking horns and shouts wafted through the darkened streets.

Go Giants!



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