Incorrect headline about letter on the appeal that stopped the Rec Center renovation

In a previous posting here, the original headline erroneously linked the writer of the posted letter to the San Francisco Forest Alliance. I corrected the headline within moments to reflect that Mr. Labovsky in fact is not representing the group. Rupa Bose from the Forest Alliance has asked that a separate posting be made, so that anyone who gets email notification about new posting on this blog but who doesn’t click through to the blog itself would also be made aware of the corrected headline.


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8 responses to “Incorrect headline about letter on the appeal that stopped the Rec Center renovation

  1. Mic

    Or Rupa could just post her FA membership list here so we know who’s who. At least Stephen’s GP-centric “68 Group” has decided not to take the anonymous route.

    • Stephen Labovsky

      True enough Mic. But the trouble with being a trailblazer is your the first to get an arrow in your back.

    • Hi Mic,

      The San Francisco Forest Alliance (SFForest) has been accused of a lot of things, but anonymity is hardly one of them. It’s difficult when making public presentations to the community and statements to the City.

      SFForest doesn’t have paying “members” in the sense that a neighborhood association does; it has volunteers and supporters. It doesn’t have dues, it’s funded entirely by donations. It’s a 501(c)4 organization; Eric Miller is the President.

      So there’s no “membership list.” If you want a list of supporters… at least for Glen Canyon, you could look at who signed the petition here:

      It has names, around 750 of them. It has comments. There’s another very similar petition out there with over 2,000 names. I’ll put that in a separate comment.

    • Hi Mic,

      Here is the second petition, with over 2,000 signatures. These would also be supporters, at least in the matter of Glen Canyon. (There are also a lot of signatures on paper – some people prefer not to do electronic signing.)

      SFForest is not Anonymous. That’s another bunch entirely.

  2. Stephen Labovsky

    Beth continues to bury my letter to Scott Wiener. I think one day I’ll write a book about all this. I won’t call be calling it ‘Profiles In Courage.’

  3. elizabethweise

    I don’t know why it keeps disappearing, it shows up when I look at the dashboard, and I’ve republished it twice now. It’s there, at
    The type on all the stories has also gotten smaller. I don’t know why. Any WordPress experts who can help?
    It’s not malice, something’s gone odd with WordPress. Several recently posted stories are now not showing up. The blog goes straight from the seep story to the vandal story and the rest aren’t visible, though they’re there if you have the URL. But the art collection story is now in the right column. I’ll futz with it but I’m not sure what’s going on.

    • Mic

      Readers will need to jiggle the system until the glitches go away. Go to the website, then click on RECENT POSTS when it shows up on the right side of the page.

  4. Sunnyside Park Families & Neighbors

    Interesting that “elizabethweise” is quick to send off an appology and correction to this erreneous posting but refused to post one when she called our local Sunnyside Park “fringe,” but also admitting to having never heard of it, and as vengful against the Rec. & Park General Manager. A request or a clarification and appology was put to her, but she did not supply one. Still waiting!! or she has NO credibility whatsoever.

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