The Oy Way at B&B on Oct. 21

On Sunday, October 21 Bird & Beckett presents a book talk by Harvey Gotliffe, author of “The Oy Way.” Gotliffe’s book offers a Yiddish philosophic take on how to wrestle with life’s everyday puzzles. A retired San Jose State University journalism professor and a magazine writer since 1963, Harvey Gotliffe comes to Glen Park with an armful of engaging strategies that can help navigate through life’s vagaries, roadmaps that employ 36 Yiddish expressions that once assisted his Eastern European brethren in coping with ordeals of historic proportions. Gotliffe will lead his Bird & Beckett audience in exercises, both kinesthetic and cerebral, that will get them moving and thinking about “how to handle life.”

Most recently Gotliffe used his patented tutorials at another bookstore, the Capitola Book Café.

“It was a pleasure seeing people laughing and enjoying themselves,” said Gotliffe, who led his listeners through a trio of maneuvers: movements, benefits and thoughts, which demonstrated how to deal successfully with everyday trials and tribulations.

If you’re farchadat (confused) or farklempt (upset), or had a glitch (a slip up) in your day, or are tired of enduring shlemiels (foolish people), then come to Bird & Beckett on Sunday, October 21 at 2 P.M.and see how Gotliffe works his Yiddish magic.

He’ll have a gay gesundt (go and be healthy) l


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