Monterey Pine falls in Canyon, wires to Rec Center down

Photo by Carolyn Deacy

Photo by Carolyn Deacy

Photo by Michael Rice.

Photo by Michael Rice.

8:20 Update
From Michael Rice
I just went over to the park. What I saw was startling. One tree had broken off about  20 feet up the trunk, fallen to the south, and hit a second tree, also about 20 feet up. The second tree fell all over the the road. As of this morning, the area is taped off. PG&E was out last night, but the wires are still on the ground.

Photo by Michael Rice.

Both of the trees were posted for removal.

Photo by Michael Rice.

8:00 AM Update Tuesday: Power lines still down.

From Michael Rice of Elk Street:
About 8:35 Monday night, we heard a loud crash in the park. I then saw some of the lights in the park were out. Several neighbors  and I walked in on the service road from Elk. About  half-way to the Rec Center, a Monterey Pine had fallen over and shattered, pulling down the wires for the street lights in the park. There are apparently live wires across the road. Some folks coming out on the path by the tennis courts said they had been in the Rec Center and the lights went out.
I called 311 and gave a report. The 311 operator then transferred me to PG&E. I gave details to an operator in Sacramento, and she said PG&E would respond right away.

Photo by Michael Rice.

As of 930, there appears to be response activity.

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One response to “Monterey Pine falls in Canyon, wires to Rec Center down

  1. dolan eargle

    Most of the the Monterey pines of Glen Park are quite old and decrepit if not diseased. Several offenders have already been removed (hence the presence of some logs on the ground near the street. NEVER confuse those with very healthy eucalyptus. That is a big mistake–confusing one type of tree with another. Dolan Eargle Director, Trees Company


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