The Shuttle flies over Glen Park

Over Potrero Hill. Photo by Katharine Yousefi.

Michael and Jane Rice of Glen Park were at Land’s End and took these.

The shuttle from Billy Goat Hill Park. Photo by Alicia Terkel.

The space shuttle Endeavor flew over  San Francisco at just past 9:30 this morning. Several Glen Park residents got some shots as it flew over on its way to a museum in Los Angeles. Here’s the Chron’s story.

Heading east via Mangels. Photo by Deborah Neisuler.

Taken from a deck on Chilton at Chenery as the shuttle came from the west. Photo by Karen Goore.

The shuttle from downtown. Photo by Jeremy Anderson.


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  1. dolan eargle

    … sort of like a reverse kangaroo —or a gorilla. -dolan


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