Sunnyside Conservatory Garden day Sept. 22

Greetings to All….

Please join us for our quarterly work day on Saturday, Sept, 22nd from 9 AM till 12 noon. We will pull weeds and do whatever our Fearless Leader, probably Gardener Bob, recommends. There will be a wedding at 2 PM that day, and you may be sure our efforts will be appreciated. We do need to be on site in a timely fashion, if possible, as we will need to be cleared out shortly after noon.

If you have a favorite weeding tool, I would suggest that you bring it, as it seems to me that R&P doesn’t supply them.
I will ask for a watering on Friday, which should help with weeding.

We will have coffee and something for munching.

Do join us. It is a wonderful feeling to see the place get looking clean and tidy, and the company is excellent.

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One response to “Sunnyside Conservatory Garden day Sept. 22

  1. GG

    I’d love to help, but I don’t show up *anywhere* on a Saturday at 9am!! It would be great to have an afternoon volunteer day sometime (either here or on the Monterey median), or even more reasonable hours such as 11-2.

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