Notes from our neighbors in College Hill

Two items of interest have been posted to the newsletter of the College Hill Neighborhood Association — Thanks to CHNA Secretary Erika Ehmsen:

Neighborhood crime and safety updates

From Bernalwood:

Burglary Prevention Tip: Beware the Taped Front Door

Are wannabe burglars waiting patiently to plunder your home when you’re out of town? A Bernal Heights neighbor writes about a trick the bad guys use to figure out if you’re away on vacation:

I wanted to let your readers now about what seems to be organized preparations for home theft in our neighborhood. We live on Coleridge Street, and over the last week or two we noticed little pieces of painter’s tape attached to our front door, between the frame and the door. The tape turns up during night. It would appear that the idea is to monitor who is home and who’s out on vacation. We have noticed the tape on several houses in our street.

Ingleside Police Station has been informed and Lt. Engler is on the case.

Captain Mahoney is on medical leave—best ways to communicate with SFPD at our local Ingleside Station

From Edward of the Park Street Neighborhood Watch Group:

Captain Mahoney is on medical leave, so Captain Timothy Falvey of SFPD’s SFO unit will join the Ingleside Station on Monday until Captain Mahoney returns (hopefully before the beginning of next year).

You may have been wondering, as I have, what the best way of communicating with the Ingleside Station is. Lt. Greg Yee, who is temporarily filling in between Captains Mahoney and Falvey, gave me the following tips:

Urgent matters: Call 911 for urgent life threatening/public safety incidents that are occurring and require an immediate police, fire or medical response. If criminal activity (breaking into car or homes) is occurring, dialing 911 would be appropriate.

Non-urgent matters: Email ( This is the best way to communicate any issues that may be affecting the community. Photo attachments are also helpful when describing a situation or condition.

Ingleside’s email inbox is checked daily Monday through Friday. You can also request a phone call from an officer to discuss any issue in detail.

Non-urgent matters that you would like to discuss with someone: Email is not checked on the weekend. So if you would like to speak to someone on the weekend, please call Ingleside Station (404-4000) and ask to talk to the Lieutenant On Duty.

This is the appropriate way to report blue tape on your door (as mentioned above). I would encourage neighbors to keep a watchful eye for suspicious vehicles or persons and report them through the non-emergency number.


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