Crime report July 26 – August 4, 2012

The following are Glen Park crimes from the Ingleside station newsletter

Thursday July 26 – Saturday July 28 Nothing in the report from Glen Park
Sunday July 29
8:00pm       50 blk Chenery             Vandalism
Officer Morgante responded to the area regarding incidents of vandalism. Multiple cars had been vandalized with broken windshields and dents on the hoods. There were metal pieces on the sidewalk that are believed to be used to smash the windows. Photos of the damaged vehicles and the metal pieces were booked as evidence at Ingleside Station. Report number 120598400
Monday July 30
12:00pm     200 blk Whitney           Embezzlement
Police Services Aide Cato prepared a report regarding a fraud. The victim stated that an unknown suspect had been taking financial advantage of his mother. She had recently been diagnosed with dementia. The suspect had somehow convinced the victim to withdraw and send thousands of dollars away from her bank account to another’s through the use of cashier checks, gift cards, and other checks. Due to the victim’s dementia, she could not recall on who and why she transferred the money. Report number 120601956
3:30pm       180 blk Bemis                Burglary
Officers Sanchez and Curry were dispatched investigate a burglary. the victim told the officers that several items in a garage belonging to a tenant of the home were stolen. The victim stated that she locked the back door and that the front garage door was rolled down and locked. A friend of the victim called and notified her that her garage door was open. She came back to find that someone stolen several speakers and clothes from her garage. Report number 120598579
Tuesday July 31 and Wednesday August 1     Nothing in the report from Glen Park
Thursday August 2
11:30am     Unit blk Chenery           Burglary
Officer Tam responded investigate burglary incident. The victim told officers that he was woken up by a loud crashing noise and saw an unknown suspect in front of his doorway. The suspect had broken into the home from the backyard and forced open the bedroom door. When the victim saw the suspect the suspect fled. No items were stolen but the backyard and bedroom doors were damaged. Officer Tam took photos of the forced entry and booked them at Ingleside Station as evidence. Report number 120609966
Friday August 3
7:45am       300 blk Chenery          Burglary
Officer Castillo responded to investigate a burglary incident. A home occupied by several tenants was burglarized and multiple valuable items were stolen. The victims told Officer Castillo that they were all out when the incident occurred. By the time they got back home, they noticed that the door was broken and the garage door was open. Multiple laptops, a television, a gaming console, and multiple games were stolen from their bedrooms and the living room. The officer took photos of the scene and booked them as evidence to Ingleside Station. Report number 120614147
Saturday August 4  Nothing in the report from Glen Park

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