Coyote in the canyon – Video

Michael Naimark was in Glen Canyon on Thursday, August 9 at 8:30 AM and caught one of the coyotes on his cell phone. Here’s the video he took



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6 responses to “Coyote in the canyon – Video

  1. What a great video! I love the way the little coyote lifts up its head and calls. Thanks for publishing this.

    (For anyone interested in San Francisco’s coyotes, there’s a great website at Coyote Yipps, which also has photos and videos.)

  2. Jon

    It is rare to actually catch a coyote using his cell phone. Most of the time they text, but only at long stop lights. Nice video.

  3. Henley

    Coyotes, an urban pest. You all have a misplaced love affair. This animal should be relocated to the Sierras or the desert, far from urban life. If these were dogs, Animal Control would be trying to trap them today.

    • mrf

      An urban pest, just like racoons, skunks, rats and pigeons. Animal control doesn’t waste their time and money trapping these guys, why should they bother with coyotes that keep to themselves in the canyon?

  4. Terry heaversystonf

    What do coyotes eat? Did they eat skunks raccoons?

  5. They are eating our cats & not staying in the canyon. They have been spotted over a mile away from the canyon, on the street near downtown glen park. Many cats have disappeared over the past few months & last weekend a coyote was spotted running down Diamond with a brown & black cat in its mouth. These pests need to be relocated because they have found easy prey outside they canyon. A large one was spotted in the field between Moreland & Diamond where kids sometimes play. My cat was taken from that field in Dec. A neighbor near Moffitt is missing one of his cats and one night saw a coyote coming up his back stairs. It’s ridiculous to live in San Francisco city limits and have our pets be eaten by wild animals. It’s going to take an attack of a baby or child for people to realize this is not safe. The population is growing, they are getting quite large & need to find food. Please contact local government officials & ban together to have these pests relocated to a larger wilderness area where they can hunt wild animals and not our cats & dogs!

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