Captain Mahoney on the recent strong arm robberies

Regarding the recent crime in the Glen Park community–we had one night last week where there were two separate robberies where women were the victims–their purses were taken and some injuries occurred.  One incident caused serious injury (as widely reported).  That case in under investigation by the Department’s Criminal Investigation Unit from the Hall of Justice.  As of this writing, no arrests have been made.  It does not appear that the robberies were related as there were widely different suspect descriptions in each.  The one similarity was that each woman was walking alone on a side street or on a quiet part of the street.
In response to these crimes, I have increased patrols in the area by our undercover units, my bicycle beat patrols and by our motorcycle traffic units.  I am gald to report that we have not had any incidents of robbery in the area since the ones that occurred as mentioned above.
As always, the Police Department would like anyone with information on these crimes to come forward.  They can contact anyone at Ingleside Station’s Investigative Office (404-4044) or can even leave info anonymously on our tip line (404-4035).

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