Crime Report June 8 – June 24, 2012

Captain’s Message:

This month (June 2012), the Police Department is experiencing an unprecedented loss of experience as nine (9) Captains/Commanders take their retirement.  This is not counting the 10-12 Lieutenants who have/are retiring as well.  Many have worked in command positions at Ingleside and as one knows—once you are a part of the Ingleside family—you never really leave.  Former Ingleside Captain Paul Chignell says goodbye after 42 years of public service.  Former Ingleside Sergeant AND then Lieutenant Keith Sanford (now a Captain) leaves with 29 years.  And the list continues.  Overall, over 300 YEARS of institutional knowledge left the Department this month.  While we have promoted our best and brightest to take over those vacancies, one cannot duplicate the experience that they all had.  The good news—these new promotees are dedicated, passionate and professional.
New Personnel—Please join me in welcoming 5 new Sergeants to Ingleside.  We are fortunate to now have Sergeants Anthony Pedroza and Feliks Gasanyan, and Jason Sawyer to our investigative unit.  Sergeants Randy Ly and Yulanda Williams have joined us on the patrol side.
Our last report regarding our crime statistics were very encouraging as it showed Ingleside crime was down and arrests were up.  This is a trend I work very hard to achieve and I hope it is sustainable.

The following are Glen Park crimes from the Ingleside Station newsletter

Friday June 8       Nothing in the report from Glen Park

Saturday June 9   
3:35pm                600 Blk Chenery St.               Burglary
Officers Suguitan and Fung responded to a call regarding a theft.  The victim said that she had left her purse open in the coffee shop and when she returned noticed items were missing.  She provided a description of a male she noticed lurking around the shop and promptly leaving.  Citizens in the area pointed to where the suspect had been seen running. The officers searched the area and detained a male matching the suspect description.  A cold show was performed and the suspect was positively identified by the victim as the male who had been in the coffee shop.  The suspect was mirandized and admitted to taking the items.  He was arrested and the stolen items were recovered and returned to their owner.  All parties were provided with follow up information.  Report 120455537

Sunday June 10
2:40pm                200 Blk Miguel                     Burglary
Officers Altamirano and Thompson responded to a call in regards to a burglary. The officers met with a home owner, who told them that earlier that day, he heard sounds coming from the garage and that he witnessed a subject standing next to a door that leads to his garage. The victim then began to pound on the window to scare away the suspect, which worked, but the victim was unable to see in what direction the suspect ran. The suspect was seen carrying around a bag, or object in his hands. Later that day, the victim saw damage to his garage door, and reported this to the SFPD.  Report 120457583

6:07pm                200 Blk Chenery                   Burglary
Officer Leong was dispatched to a call of a burglary. The victim of the burglary told Officer Leong that on the previous day, he had left his garage door locked and secured, but that on the following day, he received an email from his landlord stating that the garage door was wide open. When the victim went to check on the door, he noticed that the door had been forced open, and that two bicycles, and a helmet had been stolen from the garage. No suspects were found and there was no surveillance cameras in the area. CSI was not contacted due to the lack of physical evidence.  The victim was provided with follow up information.  Report 120458042
8:00am          Unit Blk Mateo St                   Stolen vehicle:

Monday June 11
9:10am                100 Blk Randall St                 Burglary Att.
Officers Conceicao and Sanchez were dispatched to a report of an attempted burglary.  The victim was leaving his home when he noticed that the door leading from the outside into the garage had been damaged.  The damage appeared to have been caused by some kind of prying tool.  The suspect did not make entry into the garage.  Report 120459288

2:45pm                1000 Blk Bosworth St            Forgery
Officer Lee took a report regarding fraud.  The victim had recently moved out of her apartment because she did not get along with the suspect, who also lived on the premises.  The suspect used to leave the victim’s mail at her doorstep, because she did not have her own mailbox.  Upon moving out, the victim changed her mailing address, but some of her mail continued to go to her old address. A few weeks later, the victim realized that the account balance on one of her credit cards had suddenly gone up, even though she did not make any purchases.  The victim checked out her statement and found an advance check had been cashed against her account.  The victim did not authorize the check and obtained a copy of it.  The victim showed Officer Lee the difference between her writing and the writing on the check.  The victim disputed the charges to her account through her bank.  Officer Lee attached copies of the checks to the report as evidence.  Report 120455264

3:37pm                1200 Blk Bosworth St            Theft
PSA Cato took a report regarding theft.  The victim stated that several of her personal items had gone missing in August of 2011.  She believed that a former housemate of hers had returned to the premise and taken the items.  The victim confronted the suspect, but he denied taking anything.  She told PSA Cato that she delayed in reporting the incident because she feels bad for the suspect and that they used to be friends.  Report 120460304

Tuesday June 12 and Wednesday June 13     Nothing in the report from Glen Parl

Thursday June 14
8:00am       Unit blk Wilder             Burglary/Building
Officer Preston responded to investigate a burglary call. The victim told the officer that he parked his car inside a secured garage with his bicycle inside the car. When he came back this morning a window was broken and the bike gone. The officer contacted CSI to process the car for evidence. No suspects were observed. Report number 120467899

9:10am       2700 blk Diamond        Burglary/Residence
Officer Trujillo was sent to investigate a burglary. The victim told the officer that she left her home for a short time and that when she returned she discovered a suspect still in the home. The victim told the officer that once the suspect saw the victim he ran out the front door pushing past the victim causing her to hit a pole. The victim followed the suspect out to the street that was carrying her laptop. When the suspect saw that the victim was still following he put the laptop on the ground and fled the area. The suspect was still able to carry away a jar with coins. The officer searched the area for the suspect with negative results. The victim received a small cut to the nose when the suspect pushed past her. Report number 120467491
8:00am          Unit Blk Mateo                       Stolen License Plate
1:06pm          Laidley/Harper                        H&R

Friday June 15 and Saturday June 16     Nothing in the report from Glen Park

Sunday June 17
3:30pm          Arlington/Bosworth                Stolen Vehicle:  1995 Honda Civic, 4dr, grey

Monday June 18
7:15am       200 blk Miguel              Burglary/Residence
Officers Naval and Chew were sent to investigate a burglary incident. The victim told the officers that he left home to go to work and that when he returned he discovered that someone had gained entry to his home via a window.  The officers searched for physical evidence and found none. CSI was not notified. The loss was over $4000 in property including a gun. Report number 120478846
Tuesday June 19     Nothing in the report from Glen Park

Wednesday June 20
8:31pm       5200 blk Diamond        Shoplifting
Officer Benevidez responded to investigate a shoplifting incident. The security guard at the business told the officers that he watched the suspect removing items from the shelf and then conceal them in his shirt. The security guard followed the suspect out of the store, and then detained him for shoplifting. The police were then called. The security guard signed a Citizen’s Arrest for the suspect and the officers arrested him. A computer check showed that the suspect had a $5000 theft warrant for his arrest. Report 120486043

9:51am       Kern/Diamond              Theft from Auto
Officer Ferronato was dispatched to investigate a theft case. the victim told the officer that he parked and locked his car, but left his laptop inside the cab of  the vehicle while he got food close by. The victim was only gone a short time but when he returned to his car the rear driver side window had been broken and his property was missing. The victim told the officer that he knows that there are surveillance cameras in that area. The officer then responded to that business and requested a copy of the video. The video excerpt was handed to Ingleside SIT for investigation.  Report 120483180

Thursday June 21
11:54pm     Bosworth/Brompton     Robbery
Officers Ferronato and Jones were sent to check on a woman that was bleeding on the ground. When the officers arrived the SFFD was already rendering medical aid to the victim. The caller came to the officers  and told them that as she was driving by she saw the victim in the street in near the curb. The caller stopped to render assistance and noticed the woman was bleeding from a head injury. She called 911! The officers responded to the General Hospital to interview the victim. The victim told the officers that while walking home from BART she was crossing the street where there is very little lighting. The victim did notice a male suspect leaning on a car across the street from her. The victim said that all of the sudden the male appeared in front of her and demanded her purse, at the same time a second suspect came up from behind. The coward suspect hit the victim on the head and knocked her unconscious. The victim cannot recall anything else. The victim was admitted to the hospital with two fractures to the skull and is listed critical. The case has been assigned to CIU and is currently an open and ongoing investigation. Report number 120489122

Friday June 22     Nothing in the report from Glen Park

Saturday June 23
10:11am          Unit Blk Chenery St                Recovered vehicle: 2000 Honda CRV, 4D, silver

Sunday June 24
 2:45pm          Chenery & Randall St             Stolen vehicle: 1994 Honda Accord, 4D, blue


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