Richard Chenery: Forgotten Gold Rush Pioneer

Chenery St. at Lippard.

From a great new blog:

Tramps of San Francisco

Snippets and tidbits of San Francisco’s storied past

Richard Chenery: Forgotten Gold Rush Pioneer

If you’ve ever ventured to the village of Glen Park in San Francisco to experience a fine dining establishment, or ambled your way to Nature’s respite in Glen Canyon, you’ve likely crossed paths with Chenery Street. Beginning near 30th and Church, Chenery Street runs the length of Glen Park. It follows a U-shaped route along the southerly base of the City’s central peaks, terminating at Elk Street adjacent Glen Canyon.

Chenery Street appeared on a map detailing the Fairmount Homestead Association in March 1865, identified as the tract’s eastern boundary. In the early 20th century, with too many San Francisco streets having the same name and other streets with sudden name changes every few blocks, the Street Names Commission of San Francisco attempted to clear up the confusion. As a result, Glen Avenue, an extension of Chenery Street between Diamond and Elk Streets, was renamed Chenery Street in 1909.

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