Cheese Boutique settles into new digs

Nada greeting guests at the door.

Rick with guests, Nada at door greeting guests

By Gail Bensinger

Photos by Michael Waldstein

Jun 11, 2012

Rick and Nada Malouf, the owners of the Cheese Boutique, threw a
cheerful store-warming for the neighborhood Monday night, welcoming
old customers and new friends with — what else? -sandwiches and
cheese and Middle Eastern treats, plus some good wine to wash it all

The crowd in the small shop at 660 Chenery St. soon spilled out
onto the sidewalk.

Among those celebrating along with the Maloufs were Glory and Marian Dalere, the owners of the new premises, and David, the volunteer bartender.

The Daleres came to the rescue when it appeared the Cheese Boutique would have to close because the building housing their original shop next door was sold to new owners, who intend to open a gym in the larger space.

The Daleres offered to move their beauty salon to the back of the building, making the storefront available for Glen Park’s favorite deli..

Rich with his son Michael.


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