Glen Park author’s new mystery out

“A Shot In The Arm” a new mystery/thriller by San Francisco trial attorney and long-time Glen Park resident, Barry S. Willdorf, takes the reader to the San Francisco/Marin County of the early 1970s.

When a pretty young addict is found dead in her bed from an overdose, her treatment counselor, a black militant, is charged with providing her with drugs for sex. Nate Lewis is paid to defend him but learns too late that his retainer was stolen from rogue government agents involved in dealing drugs to buy guns for anti-communist guerrillas.

Travel back in time to visit a Bay Area rarely portrayed in today’s literature. Peruse the menu at the Trident Restaurant on the Sausalito waterfront. Slide seamlessly among the old, waterlogged houseboats that lined the shore. Mingle with Vietnam era soldiers and sailors, black militants and hippies. Score drugs on practically every street corner. Stroll the Fillmore district before it was gentrified. Witness a car chase over the dirt roads that once crisscrossed Bernal Hill. Sneak into the City’s shipyards and foundries when they still bustled with activity. Spend time at the Hamilton Air Force Base officer’s club. Sip Java where longshoremen once prowled. Attend court at Frank Lloyd Wright’s leaky Marin County Civic Center.

“A Shot In The Arm delivers a dark murder plot with characters that are right on the money.” Mark Rudd, author of Underground: My life in SDS and the Weathermen.

“The legal details are sharp; the drinking and drugging and low life neighborhoods are Day-Glo vivid.”  Meredith Sue Willis, author of Ten Strategies to Write Your Novel and Out of the Mountains.

“A detective story with a sense of geography, a sense of morality, and a sense of humor.” Frances Lefkowitz, author of To Have Not.

“Gripping. Exciting. Add ‘A Shot in the Arm’ to the classic tales of the City by the Bay.” Hilton Obenzinger, author of Cannibal Eliot and the Lost Histories of San Francisco and Busy Dying.

A Shot In The Arm is part of a trilogy being published by Whiskey Creek Press. Part One, Burning Questions, was published last August. Both novels are available in print at BIRD & BECKETT and as e-books from the publisher:, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Part three, The Fourth Conspirator, will be available this fall.

For further information, contact Barry S. Willdorf: or visit to read an excerpt.


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