A poem about Bird and Beckett

They say if you pass the Bird & Beckett

in the wee hours of the morn,

you might hear the strains of the K.C. Blues

‘ lest that’s according to Village lore.

Some say that just above the tenor sax

the voice of Samuel Beckett quips:

“Let us not waste our time in idle discourse!”

Bird fills in the silences with disquieting riffs.

“No, I regret nothing,” Beckett will confound

“All I regret is having been born,

dying is such a long tiresome business

I always found.”

All night long they jam together,

in a play of words and be-bop

‘til the Village awakens

“Quick, to the back of the shop!”

Where the two will curl up

in a corner dust heap

and saying goodnight

they’re soon fast asleep.

©Stephen Labovsky 2008


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