Neighbors curbing their wheels, but frustrated

A note on the window of a car parked (with wheels sharply curbed) on the 700 block of Chenery.



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4 responses to “Neighbors curbing their wheels, but frustrated

  1. Sally Ross

    The 3% grade means 3 feet change in elevation for 100 linear feet, which I think is about 2 degrees. Guess I will plan to permanently curb my wheels, as I don’t plan to carry an portable electronic level with me.


  2. Nicki Michaels

    Yes the city’s own maps indicate that the grade on the 900 block of Chenery is 2.2%. Access the city’s maps for your street here and fight those tickets by email!!! We did.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s an update on the ticket we got for uncurbed wheels on the 900 block of Chenery:
      We requested an Administrative Review and dismissal of the citation because the grade on this block is less than 3%. We provided a copy of the the grade map prepared by DPW. Despite this evidence our request for dismissal was denied, and I had to go down to MTA for an in-person Hearing. At the hearing the citation was (of course) dismissed.
      The hearing officer couldn’t explain why the Administrative Review didn’t deal with this except to say that “They get thousands of requests.” And there’s apparently no way of letting the Parking Control Officers know that Chenery has plenty of parking spaces that don’t require curbed wheels. Also, the fact that a parking ticket has been dismissed can’t be used for grounds to dismiss any future tickets. So, the next time this happens we’ll have to go through the whole process again. SIGH

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